Surviving the Heat Wave in Malaysia

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Honestly I enjoyed the long holiday last weekend after a hectic working week before that. Lazed about doing nothing while shooting undead zombies with my bow and arrow (it would make more sense if you read this) in the middle of the day. My only complain, is this searing heatwave we are currently experiencing in Malaysia.

[My usual position during hot days like these...]

As we speak, I am forced to wear short sleeves shirt to work because the heat that is blazing into the office and the fact that I am so high up in the building makes it even worse for us here. Just when things can't go any worse than this, rumour has it that this heat is here to stay all the way until September this year when we hit the monsoon season. (Malaysian Meteorological Department explains why here

So my question is, how exactly do we cope and survive with the heatwave here? I don't think it would be wise for us to just stay in an air condition room the entire time, neither its any better being sticky in a hot room, wishing for an ice cream truck to pass by right now...

So how do you do it?

[How the bros cool off...]

One of my favourite cartoon blogger, Ernest gave some awesome ideas of how his and his household cools off in situations like this but of course implementing ideas like this in the office would only result to an imminent firing from work (although it would still be a funny sight to see)

Any ideas guys? I'm up for anything...

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  1. my office is at the top floor leh.. can't feel the aircond during the hottest hours!!! gosh x.x stuffy too.. 

  2. awesome post