Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2012

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I have to admit that despite the many runs I have participated so far this year, this one came around with so many things happening in the run, which basically translate to the number of pictures that I have included for this post! Since that this was going to be just a warm up run for me, I was going to take it easy for the run itself and focus on practising my running form for next week's half marathon in Gold Coast.

[Sights and sounds before the race]

[They even set up a massage tent for people to enjoy after the race]

[Team TehTarikRunners preparing for the race]

It was a lot of firsts for Team TehTarikRunner for this round. For me this was the first time I am running with new gears that I recently bought to prepare for the cold Aussie weather. With some advises from many runners out there, I got myself a pair of compression pants and top which I was going to try out for this run.

Ash in the mean time was not running with me this round. This was going to be his maiden 21km Half Marathon run and he was a nervous wreck coming into the competition. Lacking the proper practice coming into this competition, there was a lot to worry about. Still, he came here with a mission and that was to finish this race within 3 hours.

As we were starting the race, there were some worry because at around 5am that morning, it started to pour  around the trail which made the track very difficult for the runners. Fortunately for me the rain stopped right before the 6.30am mark for me to start my 10km Speed category, unfortunately for the full marathon runners they had to brave through the rain. 

At kilometre 1, everything went through smoothly, climbing up the highway leading towards KL Sentral. Only thing I found annoying was not just the number of people running but some people stopped running not more than 300 meters from the start! Honestly this is the reason why they broke the category into three so the competitive runners get a clear track to run in.

Kilometre 3, I was pacing very very well to be honest. Despite me trying to take it easy for the run, Endomondo was telling me that my lap times are even faster than the ones I clocked in Borneo. Immediately  I pulled in a "9gag not bad face" while running.

Kilometre 5, we hit our first watering station in front of KL Sentral. Again the organisers did this perfectly as there were ample isotonic drinks for everyone without having to stop too long for drinks. By here I was starting to feel the heat of the weather. All I thought to myself that I should enjoy this. Next week is going to be a whole different ball game.

Kilometre 7, we were passing through the side road of Lake Garden which was an inclined road towards the National Monument. Most people slowed down here while I kicked in my small step strategy that I used for Brooks. Worked like a charm.

Kilometre 9, we were passing the round bend in Jalan Raja Laut and was heading straight to the finish line. Endomondo was screaming that I already finished 10km at this point which slowed my pace down a lot. Luckily I had a bunch of supporters really screaming their lungs out to push forward.

Kilometre 10, we still had about 600 meters before the finish line and something happened in front of me. As I was finishing and waving at people, a girl right in front of me suddenly bent down and puked her entire guts out on the road! It took me the best side step I can pull in that tired situation but thankfully I managed to avoid running into her. I hope she's alright...

And that was it! Finished the race at a slow pace of 1:13:42!

[Loving the official finishing picture!]

[Winners of the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2012. I wonder if I can ever make it there?]

[Runners entering the finish line]

Once my run was complete, my job was not done yet. I knew I had friends running out there and Ash was still on course to finish his Half Marathon in time. Even saw Ms Road Runner completing the run, who was the face of this whole competition! So I got my camera and went on my cheerleading/papparazi mode.

[My view while cheering on for the runners]

[Cheered on my classmate Irfan who was completing his 21km at a blistering pace!]

One of the most awesome thing that I saw during the event is that a lot of couples took the opportunity to enjoy the event and run together as a pair. So many of them were either running together, or were cheered on by their partners, even one couple got themselves hitched after the race!

[This couple were finishing their half marathon holding hands to finish line]

[We have a marathon proposal yo! Read all about it here]

It was an energetic mood that was going around the Dataran Merdeka ground as more and more runners from every category came flowing in fast into the ground. However it is the unsung heroes that should be given credit during this race. Throughout the run, I was pushed on by supporters who were tireless cheering and screaming at the runner to keep going and I have to admit that there are those that really did help me push that last kilometre. Thanks so much guys!

[I love the signs they made for this event! Friggin awesome!]

[I've seen this guy on running video. Even better to see him run in person!]
[Do say hi to the awesome Mr. Kato at his Facebook HERE!]

[Getting my picture taken with the Titan Girls]

There is however one complaint that I have with the event, and its not about its organisation. Running is suppose to be an event where we enjoy the sport and in the same time challenge ourselves with the course. Its suppose to be taken in a jovial light and should not be influenced by anything that can change that, especially on politics. Personally, I respect each person's political opinion but there is a time and place for you to voice out your opinions and it shouldn't be in a running event like this. There are some individuals that took advantage of this event and used it as a centre stage to promote their own political ideas. Its a running event guys, lets keep it that way.

[there is a proper time and place for this people, not in a running event]

Complains and comments aside, I had a huge blast running the KL course and the best part of all, this completed my 10km set for the top 3 runs in Malaysia under IAAF (other two being Borneo and Penang). Regardless of my timing, I couldn't have asked any better warm up run than this and now I am looking forward to the next one.

and of course, the standard pose for Team TehTarikRunners

[wait for it...]

[Almost there...]


And how did Ash do for his half marathon? Completed at 2:49:04. I now have a time to beat next week.


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  1. hey! we (my fiance and i) went there too.. but we participated for 5km fun run only.. it sure was fun. :D best of luck for your next run! ;))

  2. Inspirational! Oh, I ran a 5km at SCKLM 2012, and it was my first ever run! Hoping to progress more! :D

  3. cayalah bro...
    rindu sangat2 lari ni..

  4. I was there too but not as a runner, it was really inspiring seeing so many runners that attended this run! Hopefully I can join it as a runner next year! :D 

  5. haha bro u will make it in the top of list one day! =DDD

  6. all the best in gold coast. even the full marathoners finished faster than i did for half marathon.hahahaha

  7. Good luck in Gold Coast. Many Malaysians there. Have fun bro!

    ps - the lady in leopard print, she is Vivien Loo. She ran a sub 5 that day. Always a fast runner. Borneo was 4:30. :) Mother of 4 and in her 40's. :) You will see her again in Gold Coast ;-)

    She was running in costume, like how you saw two japanse in banana and radish suit and one japanese with Tuba. Two friends ran in full Baju Melayu and Kebaya. :)

  8. I was there too, participating in the 10 km run. my first SCKLM run. I only started running last year.

    how's yr gold coast HM?

  9. thanks so much and I hope that the 5km run will get you going for more runs in the future! with your fiancee! :D

  10. dude seriously good job on that one mate! perhaps future run with me? :D

  11. jom la lari2 balik bro!

  12. train and run next year! you can even run with me and my group! :D

  13. haha i think i have to apply to become Kenyan first

  14. thanks so much bro. like they always say, forget about the time, just get your foot at the finish line!

  15. thanks so much and I look forward to reading more about your runs as well!

    I saw the couple wearing the baju melayu and kebaya, I got to figure out a costume as well!

  16. this was also my first SCKLM run and I too started last year. so we have something in common! :D

    Gold Coast was amazing, will be writing about it soon... :D

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