[ADV] The One Tradition I Will Never Break

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Its interesting to mention when it comes to tradition. Especially when it comes to this particular generation, where social media and other technological advancements have become the bane to keeping traditions alive and running among our peers. However to myself, there are some traditions that I keep close to my heart and would never let go no matter what.

While I may not much family tradition that I either know of or still practice until today, I do have some from another group of people I call "family". You see I went to school in Malay College Kuala Kangsar and this was an institution that took pride for tradition to another level, especially after leaving school. I spent 5 years in that school and in those years, I considered those with me there as my brothers. Even until today.

Today, I have left school for more than 10 years already and the one thing I share in common with ex students of Malay College (known better as Malay College Old Boys Association aka MCOBA) is that we keep our identity and connection strong as Malay Collegians for the rest of our lives and its a privilege that we wear and cherish.

[Newspaper article that showed our tie wearing tradition every Wednesday]

So, to mark that for decades we have all agreed to wear our school ties every Wednesday as a symbol of pride that we belong to a group of people that share the same bond among each other. Something that I myself hold strong until today, even after all these years of leaving school.

To some, it may seem to be a menial tradition which may mean nothing but to us MCOBs, it a tradition that defines our identity as proud Malay College student and the best part, its not just me sharing this tradition. The rest of us do the same too, young and old.


To most, traditions are just something that you would drag your feet to practice because someone told you to do so. At least for this tradition, I would keep this close to my heart and would never even think of breaking it any time in my lifetime.

Especially if is something that I share with my awesome Dad. :)

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  1. I love this tradition! It's like a secret group and you can identify each other though you guys experienced school at different times but the sentiments are the same. You had such an awesome time in your own timeline but it was so awesome that you carry on because those were the moments that shaped who you are today! AWESOME!

  2. its good that you keep that tradition! =D

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  4. indeed a nice tradition to follow! :)

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  5. Nice blog & photo...
    Ni mesti kenal rafizi ni 9094 noni karpet (hehe)

  6. hey, first time dtg sini heheheh!