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I was bored the other weekend and I thought it would be nice to bring the Miss Ave T out for a movie outing since that it has been a while since the both of us did that, apart from movie screenings with the good people at Nuffnang. Lucky for us, it was also the same time as a few new movies came out so we had quite a choice of movies to watch. In the end, we decided to watch this.

[Men in Black are back!]

The last time we saw these guys came together was quite a while back so you can understand the anticipation of a lot of people with these movie. Much like the other sequel movies in the past, there were some concerns that the hype may have been a little too much for the expectation of the movie. I for one wanted to find that one out for myself.

Plot follows Agent J and Agent K from where we left them, still battling aliens and regulating alien lifeforms living on Earth. However their very history was threatened with the return of a notorious criminal, Boris the Animal, who returns back in time to rewrite history and kill the agent that put him in jail for the last 40 years. With everything changed, Agent J returns back in time using a time travelling machine only to realise that his involvement in the past has a bigger impact than he actually knows.

Overall, I had a lot of fun watching this part of the movie and the best part of all, it actually answers a few question that you would not bother to to think from the past two sequels. Kinda like a situation where you would go "Ah, so that's what happened..." which I believe is very common in movies nowadays. Still, the punchline jokes that made the movie famous in the past was still there and I love the twist of the storyline this time, adding so much value to the movie itself.

[very gnarly indeed...]

So statistically, this is what I think of the movie

Would I watch it again? : I actually wouldn't mind doing it again, provided I watch with fans of the past two sequels. Makes it more interesting... ;)

Movie or DVD worthy? : Definitely movie worthy. I actually got the 3D screening of it which was kinda awesome.

Plot : I believe that you would love the final twist to the end of the movie which got a lot of people tearing a little bit. Heads up, someone dies.

Star Power :  You would expect it would be enough with Will and Tommy in there but the addition of Josh Brolin does put an extra spin to it. Expect famous cameos in the movie, particularly a Lady Gaga  in the background as well.

Teh Tarik Rating : I'll give an easy 8 out of 10.

So in conclusion, I would recommend those out sci-fi fans out there to give this movie a go, and for those who have been watching the previous two sequels before, this one is a must watch. There are so many things in the movie that answers a lot of question that has been put out all these years. Looking forward if there is going to be a next sequel.

[Now if you would look at this pen here...]

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  1. it seems to be a nice one, thinking to watch it after watching Snow white~ ^_^

  2. eh.. your review quite positive ;D i read a few reviews because i was doubting how goof the movie was gonna be and most of them were ard or below 5 =/

  3. eh.. your review quite positive ;D i read a few reviews because i was doubting how goof the movie was gonna be and most of them were ard or below 5 =/