Russell Peters Live in Malaysia : The Show!

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After much hype and also my own posting of wanting tickets, out of some stroke of luck I managed to get 3 tickets for the Saturday show, much to my delight! If you haven't been following the story of the show, the tickets for the Saturday show were sold out 3 hours after the were opened for sale! Because of that, they decided to make another earlier show for everyone else but then I would rather stick around for the Saturday show itself!

 [Official Russell Peters merchandise logo for his show]

So that night, we made our way real early, considering the traffic that was going to be happen with the number of people coming in to Shah Alam that night. Fortunately for me the venue was relatively close to my house and I am very familiar with the traffic situation in Shah Alam during high peak hour periods and sneaky places to park. Once we did, we made a hike to the Melawati Stadium in Shah Alam. 

[Entrance to the stadium]

[They even had official merchandise selling outside the stadium]

[People filling in the stadium fast from our seat view]

As expected, they were keeping a tight watch on people bringing electronic devices to the show, on fear that people might bootleg the show and sell it off in the market. I did my level best on coming out with sneaky pictures for the night but because our seats were rather near the entrance, the guy keep flashing his torchlight to me everytime I took my camera out. Sheeshh....

While waiting for the night to start, we were entertained by the musical spins of DJ Spinbad who according to my colleague is the regular DJ that tours with Russell in his tours. Quite honestly I can see the reason why he does that because the man is an amazing DJ. Fantastic mix of old skool and new age music which did entertain most of us waiting that night.

The first comedian to come up was a taste of local flavour with Andrew Netto who is not exactly a new comer to the Malaysian comedy scene. Typical Indian jokes with a few hits to the local news and happenings kept us laughing for the early stages of the night.

After that, we were entertained by the comedic styles of Joey Medina, one of the Latin Kings of Comedy in the States. Personally I thought this guy was hilarious, especially when the crowd roared when he incorporated a few Malaysian situations into his jokes. Sharks in the club, friggin classic!

And then, it was time to hear from the man himself.

Honestly the show was seriously up to the expected hype. Being a Russell Peters fan, it was awesome that none of the previous material was used again in this show and he basically came up with new things for us to laugh ourselves to. 

Of course the stereotype jokes and adult "sex humour" was there as well but was brought into totally different light than before. Crowd participation with his jokes was obviously there, my particular favourite was a Malay lady sitting in the front row with ridiculously blond hair which was picked on by him. And who can forget Mr Bupinder (or Bups after an hour or so) who was this huge Singh guy sitting in the front row. We also had a few punts made to the Indian accent which was funny as anything. We all heard of thick Indian accents but who would have guessed thick Indian Accent sounds?

What surprised me though was there were a few that walked out of the show around 10 to 20 minutes to the show for unknown reasons. Until now I can't figure out why but I'm sure the rest of of you reading this would have your own theories as to what happened.

Personally I thought the show was bleeding awesome and for those that actually missed the show really did miss out big time on this. Perhaps we would be seeing him again in our shores in the near future? You never know...

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