Diablo 3 Game Review

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After 12 whole years of waiting and patiently looking at the development of the game, finally the latest Diablo 3 is finally out to our shores and you can bet your bottom dollar that I was one of the first people to go around and collect my pre-order copy of the game! I remembered back in 2001 where I went nuts (especially in StormyZaaba place because he had a better computer set up back then) with the previous Diablo 2 and now I can't wait to get my hands dirty with this one.

[hello there old friend...]

So with much hype with the game worldwide, question is how does the game fair in real life? Does the game really performs as how we expect it to be? Without haste, I dived into the game and took the game by the horns myself to find out how it turned out.

[Loving the box art inside the package!]

For the first 7 hours, all I did was attempted to get into the bloody server....

You see, because of the hype of the game, everyone tried to get into the game at the same time which resulted to a massive congestion in the server online. Hence, I couldn't even get into the game let alone play it because some Koreans were already on their way to meet Diablo himself. So basically the whole night I spent cursing at the server for not letting me in...

[My sweet sweet setup for Diablo 3]

Thankfully the next day, they managed to rectify the problem and I was on my way to visiting New Tristam. So, going into the game review, the first question is which character should I choose for my adventure this time?

[Classes available for Diablo 3]

Being mindful that in the past, I went for the Necromancer role and got quite sweet results out of that one but I wanted something more "melee" type character but at the same time would not just be another hack and slash character as well. So, choice was quite difficult at first but after much consideration, discussion with Miss Ave T and watching the gameplay videos online, my choice was made.

[Went for the Monk with the Russian accent]

The choice was a good one, although I was considering the witch doctor a lot before making the choice. Regardless, the Monk plays around a flurry of melee strikes and combos with a defensive tactic to back that up. More importantly, the reason why I chose this character was after watching this particular move.

[The Seven Sided Strike]

This was the part when both me and Miss Ave T went...

we both did that face in the same time. seriously.

So coming back to the game, I have so far clocked in a few hours into the game and I am really liking what I am seeing with the game progression. Story line followed up from where they left off in Diablo 2 and once again, the entire storyline was to get down there and give Diablo the nice arse kicking that he has been missing for the past 12 years.

The game still uses the original game engine as the one before, with improvements made on the system and response speed for the game. Now the have incorporated individual skills settings which gives each character a very individualistic view and strategy on how to progress and improve your character, rather than the standard way of improvements like before. Shops and NPC support still exist in the game, but this time they allow the progression of both NPC and shops which gives you a variety of options to even progress with the shops around you.

So far I have yet to try out the multiplayer gameplay, because of the whole server issue in the game so I will update this post once I have tried out that part of the game. In the mean time, I am enjoying my time working on my Monk as far as I can.

So for all of you out there reading this, please please pretty please leave a comment on the other characters that you are working with apart from the Monk. Would love to read more on how the character works and perhaps even try out another character in the future.

If you would like to add me up on Battle.net, do so at TehTarikD#6537.

Bring on El Diablo.

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  1. im thankful that im not a game addict, so i have more time for other things :D

  2. well my main character is wizard, good as a support character but rather difficult to find good armors with int stats. as for the monk, one of the better classes i feel, easier to use and level with :)