Yuna Breaking Grounds for Malaysian Music!

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Was driving to work earlier today and every single radio station has been buzzing about this news and for all the reason why. Earlier today our very own Malaysian songstress, Yuna has been making and breaking new waves for the pride of Malaysian music in the land of opportunity itself! :D

[Yuna was featured and sang on TV hit show Late Night Show with Conan O Brien!]

[Conan promoting Yuna's new album]

Quite possibly one of the may few Malaysian singers that manage to break into the American mainstream music industry, she was introduced to the show to showcase her new self title album, Yuna that is set to debut in the American music industry.

[Meeting up with Yuna somewhere early last year]

I remembered the first time I got to know about her was watching her in an independent music gig in MMU and she was one of the undercard performers there before the main act that night. I remembered everyone was wondering who was this girl with a tudung and a guitar she hardly could carry herself to stage. When she started singing, the crowd including myself was dubstruck.

Fast forward today, one would honestly have to give props to her achievements so far in breaking into the music industry the way she did and with this in mind, surely we would be seeing much more coming from her in the near future.

 [She even met Barney Stinson aka NPH at the show!]

One thing for sure, after the likes of Zee Avi making a mark for Malaysian music before, this is another proud achievement for Malaysian musicians everywhere that we are continuing to improve along the way. Kudos and way to go Yuna!

Check out her video of her performance, Live Your Life

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