Why Do I Run?

<data:blog.pageName/> <data:blog.title/> <data:blog.pageTitle/> This was an interesting question posed to me a few days back and in fact, my dad ask me the same question many months ago. It seems that to a non runner, the idea of running 10km is madness, let alone completing a 21km half marathon or a 42km full marathon. Let's not even get into the whole ultra marathon running business...

Some say that you can never run away from your troubles, but I believe you can run to make them disappear for a while.

One of the things I always tell people that once I'm out there, everything else doesn't matter anymore. Somehow in my mind that once I am on the road running, I phase out into my own world and just keep running. I don't think about the problems that I am facing, I don't think about the things that pisses me off on a daily basis and I don't even think about the heavy burden and responsibilities that I am carry over my back anymore. I just see the road and I run.

[In my own world while running]

[Of course nothing compared to the Ridiculously Photogenic Guy]

It really is hard for me to explain to people what I mean whenever I say this. Despite me putting a cheerful face most of the time, I am subjected to constant problems, pressure and expectations everyday and with running, it becomes one of those outlets that I take to just to get myself out of that world for a while. And believe it or not, rest.

Hence why in some way, I am running, away from my problems for a while.

And the other reason why I am so hard up on doing this is simple, we only live once.

So many times I have heard of amazing stories of people achieving feats in their lifetime and I for one would not want to be living my life thinking "what if I did that" or "what could have been"s. I spoke this to my running mates that I would love to actually say to people "I've done this and this" rather than the other way around.

Take Fauja Singh for example. A champ in his nature.

Aged 100 years old and have so far completed 7 full marathons starting from his twilight age of 89 until now. I remembered reading an interview when he said "you only stop living life when you truly say and think it is over". Great stuff....

And so there you have it. That is why I run. :D

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  1. I wanna start running too, but always lazy when training :/
    maybe i could have missed it, but perhaps you can share how often you train and what techniques you used to train up, that'd be interesting :)

  2. The guy who runs the "running club" (haha, did you get that?! Strike 1) in my department says at the foot of every email: Running may not add years to your life, but it sure does add life to your years.

    Oh btw, this Disqus thinggy doesn't seem to work in Chrome. Works in Safari though.