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This was supposed to be the movie of the year. One of the most anticipated movie for most of us movie buffs and comic book geeks around town. So of course the expectation was very very high when it comes to this movie for all the reasons. After much success with the rest of the independent super hero movies that we have been watching for the past few years, there were some concerns that this movie was not going to reach the expected hype it portrayed over the years.

[One of the best fan art poster of the movie]


Thanks to the good people of Nuffnang, we were given the opportunity to watch the movie in all its glory on premier day itself and boy were we thankful for that! Being more of a comic geek myself rather than anything else, I came prepared not only with expectation but also some background research on what to expect of the movie. (I believe most people would already know the fact that I am a fan of Marvel Heroes more than anything else...)


[was so tempted to don the uniform again for the movie...]

The storyline was based after the dismissal of the Avengers Initiative, the world was attacked by evil forces of Loki whose main aim was to divide the world and conquer. Using the assembled heroes of the world, Director Nick Fury was forced to regroup the Avengers Initiative back to give the world a fighting chance. However doing so may provoke a problem within the group itself, let alone saving the world from chaos.

In general what I loved about the movie is that it started off from where each individual movie left off, which kinda gives the viewers a familiar vibe as to start the show. Another thing that I fancied that despite the movie was to be included in an all star super hero cast, it did show many instances of vulnerability among the heroes which is very rare to see in superhero movies nowadays. Kinda like to remind us they are human and mortal after all...

[Oh Natasha]

[Someone just pissed them off...]

[Oh and him too...]

So, this is my general breakdown of the movie:

Would I watch it again? : Awesome storyline, fantastic fight scene, this was not going to be a one time viewing.

Movie or DVD worthy? : Movie, hell I'd go 3D if I can!

Plot : Carried on from the original plot of the individual movie but credits given to Tom Hiddleston for his potrayal of Loki. Got it spot on!

Star Power :  We all kinda figured out this was going to be an all star cast but I'd give credit to the producer for making what was supposed to look like the most useless Avenger with arrows and turning him into a badass fighting machine. And of course Scarlett Johansson in a tightsuit...

Teh Tarik Rating : I'll give an staggering 9 out of 10!

So if you guys are a fan, be at ease to know that the hype of the movie was seriously brought to justice. Stunning portrayal of an all star cast and a plot to match for the movie made the experience so much better. There is without a doubt that the saying was right, for those who wait will be rewarded well.

Speaking of that, DO NOT LEAVE UNTIL THE END CREDITS! there might be someone unexpected making an appearance....

[I believe only fans know who this is...]

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  1. Jayren Hann Yaw KwanApril 27, 2012 at 1:48 AM

    Yes , it's really was  an awesome movie ! =D

  2. What more would you expect from a Joss Whedon direction? =) 

  3. So who's that in the sort-after-credit scene? :)

  4. I think i had missed something yesterday night!

  5. I wanna watch this so badly!!!

  6. I super like this movie too but just that Loki wasnt evil enough for the 6 of them to handle.... haha they are just following the original, i get it xD just that i was expecting more. love it and hopefully will love the next one even more

  7. yep, heard it's a really really good movie! everyone's talking about it! Thks for the review! 


  8. So sad, I'm in Sabah, couldn't join! huhu! Nevermind. I watch it on Saturday. Or Sunday! Woha! Thanks for the review. :)

  9. great movie... www.redlomo.com :)

  10. Can't Wait to watch! Everyone's going to flood the cinema just for this movie~!!!

  11. i'll wait a bit more longer to watch this movie coz the ticket-bookings are F U L L !

  12. It was Thanos, apparently He is super strong and super smart let see how marvel gonna pull this one off