Russell Peters Live in Malaysia: I WANT TICKETS!

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I suppose almost everyone out there would have heard the news that was announced by TimeOutKL on the arrival of the one comedian that we would never imagine will ever make it to our shores.

[The Legendary Russell Peters is coming to Malaysia!]

I believe that one of the most well known comedian in town right now has finally decided to graze his comedic self to the shores of Malaysia and as expected, everyone is anxiously waiting for the news on how we get to score tickets! Brought to you by Time Out KL (who were also the same guys that was gracious enough to organise their weekly comedy nights, one that I attended before HERE), I suppose that everyone would want to see how the "stereotypical Asian jokes" would fit here in Malaysia, the hotbed of Asian cultural mix bowl which would surely give him enough ammunition for his jokes!

[Thank You Time Out KL!]

So the question is, how exactly do you score tickets for the show?

So far according to my research with their Tweet feed, they are announcing the ticket details today (13th April) on their website and from what I was told, tickets will only be open for sale on the 18th of April which means it gives you ample time to find friends to go and watch this crazy person on stage!

In the mean time I'll be keeping an eye on the website to see if there are any changes on the news there and I will update it here, so keep an eye on this space!

[Oh really?]


Much thanks to Ms. Catwoman for highlighting the news to me, it seems that we have some news of prices and ticket sales opening for the show itself!

Show Info:

Where - Stadium Malawati Shah Alam
When -  Saturday, 12th May 2012 (8.30pm)

Ticket Info:

Platinum - RM438
Gold 1 - RM338
Gold 2 - RM248
Silver - RM188
Bronze - RM128

Ticketpro –, 03.7880.7999
RedTix –, 03.8775.4666

Tickets are open for launch on the 18th April at 9 am so be aware!

This is going to be a dog fight for tickets I would assume, since the last show he did, tickets went out within 8 FRIGGIN MINUTES!!!

I will get tickets, by hook or by crook...

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  1. so wanna watch, but wondering how much the tickets would be.. not announced yet right? :)

  2. Show & ticketing info are in my latest blog posting:

  3. "Queen among women" I am, eh? Hahaha, funny lah you! BTW did you also see the post before that one... u MUST check out the last picture  ;)  hehe >>

    Also, I must highlight that the organizers for this event are my good friends at The Comedy Club KL (

  4. hahahahahahahaha! tak payah lah nak jealous rage... it's not like i was posing next to a hot chick kan ;) anyways unfortunately tickets can only be bought via the hotlines so u'd best bangun extra awal on Wednesday. good luck!

  5. funny.. like to see 2.. :)

  6. ahem. have u gotten ur tix? btw i've got new info on RP Live in MY at my blog:

  7. if anyone selling their ticks - any seats - call me - 0166587810. tq

  8. lambat vedder! Sold out

  9. hi anyone wants to sell the ticket plz call me 0123420228

  10. Sigh.... I couldn't get d ticket....

  11. so did u get the ticket? haha.  im goin , so onn!!

  12. I've got an extra ticket to sell.

  13. Hi everyone..I have 4 gold1 russell peters ticket for sale!! Please email me at for info. Thanks

  14. anyone wants a gold ticket for peters show in stadium melawati shah alam?i have 2 tickets extra

  15. hi, i have 2 extra Bronze tickets for 11 May show. sms me at 012-3550598

  16. hi i have 2 gold tickets for 11/5/12 show, if anybody is interested...

  17. hi i have 2 gold tickets for 11/5/12 show, if anybody is interested., pls sms at 0123361521