<data:blog.pageName/> <data:blog.title/> <data:blog.pageTitle/> With everything that has happened over the weekend, with the demonstrators and apparent carnage that ensued with it, we have somehow overlooked a more pressing matter in hand that kinda got itself overshadowed by the over hyped event.

 [Please help find Nayati]

Last Friday morning there was shocking news of a boy abducted while he was making his way to school that morning. So far there are still no news of his whereabouts nor was there any indications or descriptions of how his abductors look like. From close circuit TV monitoring there have been an indication that two men of Indian origin have been seen bundling the boy into a car that Friday morning.

Once again we are stricken by another inhumane crime of abducting helpless kids and for whatever reason this maybe, this has to stop. Too many people have suffered because of this so I implore for people out there to help find this boy and hopefully even find those behind this.

To all my readers, please help by spreading the word with the contact numbers and make use of the voice of  bloggers count to help a clearly suffering family. We need to get this boy safe out of harms way and we need to get it now.

Get this information spread through your social network platforms people, be it via Facebook, Twitter or even your blogs and please spread the word. We have heard enough about Bersih being talked about through everyone and everywhere, for once we use our voice to make matters count.


I am pleased to report that the authorities managed to find Nayati and he is now BACK HOME SAFELY!

This was posted by Nayati's father at 9.45am this morning with much delight and rejoice. Kudos to all of those who helped and those who managed to make this hunt work. Well done guys, you have done good.

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  1. Seriously hoping that he can come back home safely )':

  2. hope he will safe.. and back normal... www.redlomo.com :)