[ADV] Marvel's The Avengers

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Probably one of the most anticipated movie of the year is finally around the corner I am for one uber excited to watch this one. After so many "post credit" teasers in the rest of the Marvel based movies within the year, this time they have finally announced that the movie is here!

[The Avengers are finally assembled!]

So with the release of the upcoming movie next month, once again the awesome people at Nuffnang have come up with a little competition to invite bloggers to enjoy the movie on its opening day in Malaysia with them which is, as always, AWESOME AS ANYTHING!

Question is, they ask if I was to create a new superhero for the Avengers, which superhero would I be?

[A few awesome shots of me as Captain America!]

Its been a known fact that I have been indulging myself with some ideas on how I would look like if I was a superhero. My previous engagement as Captain America himself was one of the examples and from the look and feel to it, the Shield of Justice does fit very very well with me! :D

But in previous times, I have been trying to get some ideas on on other superheros that would fit the bill to save the world, just in case the Avengers weren't around to do the job instead.

I could come up as a SuperNinja, stealth as cat and fast as lightning. Insert your ninja jokes here but with abilities like that , bad guys won't even see me coming! Armed to the teeth with weapons that you usually associate with a ninja, I'd come prepared with my legendary Katana sword that would cut to almost anything!

Then again I have been known to lose out to the fairer sex when in battle.. :P

And then of course you have, The Flaming Ferrets. If you heard of the Ghostbusters, the Flaming Ferret would terrorize the baddies with our well equipped laser gun and "baddass" gaze. Truly worthy of a superhero troop.

But of course if you have been reading my post on the Flaming Ferrets here, we still lack the organised structure of battle, apart from running towards the enemy while screaming like a lunatic.

So on that note, my personal favorite would be my tactical suit that I created before (check out the post HERE) which is well equipped to fight bad guys without much difficulties. Since that the most probable bad guys that we are going to go up against might be undead zombies, I present to you this!

[T.E.H Suit! (tactical enhancement for hunting!)]

[Some of the equipment included in the suit]

Armed with conventional weapons that you can makeshift around the house, this bad boy is like the Iron Man armor, only this one looks more realistic and of course, more hardcore. Bring on the baddies...

So there you have it, my version of superheroes that would easily make the cut in the Avengers with ease and spice up the group a little bit with some flair and hardcoreness... I wonder if they are taking any applicants?

Movie is coming out soon peeps. Be prepared! :D

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  1. great moview.... 5 star www.redlomo.com :)

  2. Thank God the movie is just two weeks away. There's been waaay too many previews. Post-credit clips. Teaser trailer. Full trailer. Superbowl trailer. Japanese trailer. 3 or 4 TV spots. Just release the movie already!!

  3. awesome writeup here bro.. you damn leng chai weh, wear what also looks like a superhero dy :) 

  4. hope it doesn't over=promise tho :/ 

  5. Thanks for putting me part of you team! I shall suit up and defend the world with you boss! LOL

  6. Muhammad Saiazuan NorhalikApril 17, 2012 at 10:53 PM

    goodluck! lookin forward to see you there :)