Nurul Nadirah Abdullah : How Many More Have to Suffer?

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I hate it whenever I get interrupted by something while I am working on a noted blogpost (was suppose to finish the Seoul post but this got my attention first...). Unfortunately its news like this I really, really, really hate to write about...

[Nurul Nadirah Abdullah]

I just got hold of some news in regards of the death of a 5 year old girl who was kidnapped and later found burned to death in Johor earlier today. She went missing after going on her own to the sundry shop nearby her home to buy some instant noodles and later on was reported missing on March 1st and tragically on March 8th,  her body was found charred beyond recognition and was only identified via her DNA matching to her mother's.

[At the scene of the crime]

I have said this once, when I wrote on a similar topic in the past (check it out HERE) that we live in a world with people who are bad, but the ones that committed a heinous crime like this deserves lesser rights than that of an animal. With the magnitude of brutality that has to be accomplished for this sort of crime, I don't understand how some people have the audacity of inhumane actions to commit such a thing.

I've question once before that for how long and how many would have to suffer before we would be able to catch and severely punish the animals that did this and stop them once and for all? So many of similar crimes like this have yet to be solved for years and to some extend, so many out there are surely asking why?

[List of missing or murdered children unsolved until today]

For me I refuse to believe that the police force is that incompetent to find some lead of finding these cruel, vicious animalistic criminals as I know for a fact that the Malaysian Police Force have the capability and technology to find criminals like this. I also refuse to believe that these criminals are that damn good until to the point that they would be able to hide without being detected and continuously commit the crimes they commit until today.

My condolences go to the family of Nurul Nadirah and I believe in all my heart she is now placed in a better place, close to His company. Justice need to be done and need to be done as swiftly as it can, before more innocent lives continue to be shed for the benefit of these sick, disgusting animal criminals.


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  1. I guess parents were to be blamed as well cause who on earth would ask a 5 year old girl to buy groceries alone? o_O I don't get it. 

  2. Al-fathihah
    May Allah swt bless her soul