Are Snowflake Desserts Halal?

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Following a very successful campaign on public awareness when it comes dessert shops in Malaysia and their Halal status, many have requested me to investigate more on other products as well on whether they are considered to be halal or not. Previous on my blog (READ HERE!), I have successfully researched on the halal status of Chatime and their products.

Next up, is the ever popular ice dessert franchise Snowflake Desserts!

[Icy Goodness!]

Made popular among the Malaysian crowd for their ice bowl desserts filled with grass jelly toppings and mush taro ball addition, it is a little wonder that the image of the desserts itself is enough to get people going, especially during that hot summer days in KL. 

[photo courtesy of Nothing Much Dave]

However of course they are some concerns, with the use of gelatin looking toppings and any other products, would there be any trace of pork/lard based materials in the making of the products itself? Similarly to the problem with Chatime, many Muslim consumers would be reluctant to come because of the doubt of such with the product and sometimes because of it coming from a Chinese based country. 

So, to get this cleared I've contacted Asia Snowflake Group Sdn Bhd to inquire more about this issue and the result?

Snowflake is Halal!
Below is my interview with their company representative, Dayna Chan:

TTD: What are the ingredients that are used by Snowflake for all of their products?
Dayna: The basic ingredients used for all the products comprises from vegetable and plant based products only, ranging from natural beans, seeds, yam, sweet potatoes and jellies.

TTD: Would this mean that no animal product is used at all?
Dayna: Our products are made to cater even for vegetarians. No animal products or animal based additives are used to make the desserts

TTD: Is there any certification of Halal recognition done for your products?
Dayna: Our products imported from Taiwan have obtained Halal certification from international bodies that are recognised by JAKIM. At the moment we are compiling the list of the certification and we will update you on this as soon as possible.

TTD: Why isn't there any certification done by JAKIM on your product at the moment?
Dayna: We recognise this issue to be a very important one for our business. At the moment we have Muslim workers both in operation and production in our company and we are at the midst of applying for JAKIM Halal certification for our products. However this is a very lengthy process and would take some time, in which I hope people would understand.

And there you have it folks, to that extent the products in Snowflake are actually safe to be consumed  by Muslims due to their vegetable based ingredients for their products. Of course I do understand that it is up to the individual to decide whether or not this would be a reliable source of information for you but as how I understand, it does give some headway as to the status of the products for Snowflake itself!

As for me, at the moment I have to watch my diet of sugary snacks for my upcoming runs but on my cheat days you'd see me sitting down there enjoying my bowl of Best Seller any given hot day of the week! :"D

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