Why I Love Cats

I don't think I hide the fact well enough that I am obviously a cat person (especially with pictures of me home kitties from previous posts) but a lot of people were asking me why. I understand so many people out there are either "dog" or "any other animal" person rather than a "cat" person but perhaps this video I stumbled into might give an idea why I prefer a cat.

That's how cats ask for something they want. Elegance and "like a boss"
and if that doesn't work, whip out the "Stare of Death"

I dare you to say no to the cat. I dare you... :D

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  1. I love cats! And dogs ans spiders...anythibg fluffy or furry. Yes spiders have fur too^_^

  2. meow...meow....visit sweetmemoryLYANNA for more cats stories

  3. interesting blog u have there. nice to know u :)

  4. thank you so much for supporting!

  5. another cat lover satisfied! :D

  6. i have to be honest, you're the first girl i know that likes spiders.