TehTarik Reviews: This Means War

<data:blog.pageName/> <br /> <data:blog.title/> I would blame the fact that I hardly hit the movies anymore for the fact that I am lacking in updating anything under the "Popcorn and Teh Tarik" category but I'll try to make sure that would change.

A couple of days back, Miss Ave T and I decided to catch a long overdue movie date together and was suggested to check out the movie This Means War. Dubbed as an action packed "rom-com" I have to admit I have my sceptics when it comes to the movie. Then again wouldn't any guy have that reaction when it comes to a supposedly chick flick starring Reese Witherspoon?

I was pleasantly proven wrong with this movie!

The storyline follows two best friends who are two of the best CIA agents in the business who ends up falling for the same girl. Problem was that one was a socially awkward divorcee who is trying to get himself into the game and the other is a flamboyant playboy who may have found the one to settle down with.

[Sharp... very sharp]

["if this country is attacked by paintball terrorist...]

I have to admit for a chick flick, this movie was EXTREMELY FUNNY to watch, equipped with one liners that I will guarantee most guys would appreciate to watch. To top it all off, it is an action comedy movie that doesn't leave your date hanging as well with the number of eye candies for the ladies available throughout the movie.

One of the thing I would complain about the movie is that the plot might be slightly predictable and a very short climax to the ending but all in all very well mashed up with a line of extremely comical incidents and dialogue and truly a must watch for dates for sure.

So, my rating for this movie would be as follow:

Would I watch it again? : Yup, definitely worth another shot.
Movie or DVD worthy? : Go for the movie on this one, worth it.
Plot : Not your typical chick flick but can get rather predictable sometimes
Star Power :  With Reese Witherspoon on the line up, you know it usually would not go wrong. 
Teh Tarik Rating : I'll give a high 8 out of 10 on this one.

[British vs T-Rex hands]

So, go ahead and check this movie out. And after you have done that (and for those who have watched the movie), answer this pinnacle question all of the TeamTehTarik members have been asking:

Who would you be like/with FDR or Tuck? :D

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  1. Uhhh chic flick..Ummm I don't even remember what was my last chic flick..Ohh yes Breaking Dawn.