Snowy Frozen Munich!

Finally I have come to the end of my slump period of blogging as I needed that break to take my mind off and get some ideas flowing. Amazing how it took a trip to Europe to get my ideas going....

in -17 degrees climate!

[View from me room in the morning!]

So I've been sent over to Germany for work again and revisiting Munich this time was slightly different than before. If you guys have been reading my previous travel post, my MUNICH was much sunnier and warmer than this trip. When I got there, the whole of Europe decided to snow like no tomorrow. Talk about a welcome present!

[This took one night to do!]

[Majestic view with a blanket of snow]

[This was the City Hall from my last trip here in the summer...]

[... and this how it looks like with snow!]

Learning from my previous trip, I decided to call in for help from a TeamTehTarik member that is currently living in Europe to come over and help out with some of the pictures here. One phone call, and hour plus flight later, we have StormyZaaba coming over to Munich to wreck havoc!

[TehTarikDrinker and StormyZaaba!]

So for this trip, I've decided to visit to places in Munich that I didn't get to visit the last time I was here (due to the lack of time and also no kaki to join the hike!) so that I won't get a repost here in this blog.

First up, we decided to get ourselves to one of the most monumental looking building in this town. According to StormyZaaba's research, the BMW Museum is one of the "must see" places in Munich, on the sole basis of the design of the building itself.

[The whole building looks like 4 pistons of an engine!]

[You can see the building behind us]

In front of the BMW Office houses a collection of BMW cars, historical storyline of the carmakers and even better, a tour of the BMW factory itself showing how they actually make the beast of a car itself! As car enthusiast myself, there was no way in hell I was going to pass up on making the visit here this time!

So we braved the cold (which mind you was a lot coming from a tropical boy) and entered in the museum!

[Duck says TADAA!]

I forgot to explain, StormyZaaba has this thing that he does when he travels around the world. He brings a little duck (appropriately named.... Duck...) with his travels and tries to take pictures of it with different backgrounds from all around the world. Kinda like the travel gnome, only fluffier.

[Some examples of Duck adventures]

[The smallest car that BMW ever made!]

[The staff decided to drive off with the car as I came near it... -.-']

[With some of the 7 litre diesel engine]

[Trying out the BMW suspension system simulator!]

[Duck and StormyZaaba decided to do the same]

Right after we decided to go around exploring the town to see what goes on in Munich during the day + look for something to munch after a hearty bit of walking around the BMW museum. I am not sure what was going on but according to some of my colleagues who are locals in Munich, this winter has been an abnormally colder than it has ever been before in Munich. We believed him, especially with what we saw while walking around town.

[Public fountains were still operational, resulting to this magnificent ice figure]

[Even the pigeons are enjoying the ice!]

To get ourselves out of the cold blast of winter wind, we decided to stop by a very Bavarian tradition which is the HofbrÀuhaus factory which is one of their largest beer factory and also one of the suppliers for the annual Oktoberfest events!

[Beer halls of Hofbrauhaus!]

[Another view]

Inside the factory itself is actually a "beer hall", a built in restaurant to mimic the sights and sounds that you usually see in the Oktoberfest, catering specifically for those who missed out on the event. As for me and StormyZaaba, it was kinda hard to find much to eat here since most of the food are made from pork and beer, except for the oversized pretzels!

[Check out the size of the pretzels here!]

[German polka band constantly playing music while you dine here!]

After a long day of walking around, we decided to catch our breath and rest for a while before we head out in our last place to visit in Munich that night. One of the main architectural marvels that you can find in this German business town would be the almighty Allianz Arena!

[Home of the mighty Bayern Munich!]

This stadium, built to hold the large number of supporters of the Bayern Munich football team is really a spectacle not to be missed. One of the reasons that we kept our visit to this place at night is because everyday, the stadium actually changes colour every now and then depending on the time and also event that is happening at the stadium.

[Allianz Arena changing colours!]

There was one small problem on our end. While most people would be smart enough to come and visit this place during summer, we decided to come in the middle of a windy, subzero temperature winter.

 [Waiting for the train which took us 30 minutes to arrive at the place]

As a result, we nearly froze ourselves to death even walking to the stadium itself. Because the entire area is just an open space carpark, the wind decided to get extra strong, even with us completely wrapped under layers of jackets and clothing.

[That's the closest I could get because of the cold!]

In the end, the entire trip was an awesome one, despite the town being completely covered in snow. To be honest I would really love to come back here again, but maybe slightly warmer than this visit!


I was suppose to make an announcement for the winner of the last blog competition I organised via video in Munich. But due to the weather not allowing me (I freeze my fingers the minute I hold the camera out too long!), I've decided to announce the winner back here in Malaysia.

Find out who won in my next post! :D

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  4. Duck has so far, gone to: Singapore, Lucerne, Paris, Munich, New York, Los Angeles, Zurich...

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