All The Talk About Weddings

<data:blog.pageName/> <br /> <data:blog.title/> I would have to admit, I have been lacking on attendance when it comes to weddings these days. Not that I am trying to be anti social or anything but rather, sometimes all the talk about weddings do get into my head especially recently...

You see, I am now in a place in my life that is very very stable and of course in an age that many (if not all) would feel that I should be settled down with a family of my own. Of course it is not helpful that almost all of my friends around my age are either already married or married with kids. Needless to say, pressure is on...

[El Three Amigos!]

The problem is that so far, I have been the best man for two occasions already. When we were growing up, we  agreed among the three of us that when the time comes, we would be each other's best man regardless where we were, which was a promise that the three of us intended to keep.

In 2007, StormyZaaba got himself hitched and that was my first attempt of being a best man for a wedding.

[Me at the back]

And later in 2010, Megat also got himself hitched which was my second go as the best man.

[Our awesome pose kinda freaked the bride out a little]

And so today, with the two of them happily married with two amazing women in their lives, it now all boils down to me to finish the streak of bachelorhood within the trio. Frankly I do not think that I would be doing another run as a best man as they say, third time on the altar as the best man and you'll always be the best man for life.

Its not that I don't want to settle down but there are so many circumstances that is happening at the moment that I need to sort out that kinda puts that plan on hold for a while. Yes I do understand that I am in a very stable relationship at the moment but I guess for the both of us, there are so many things that needs to be sorted out before we even consider taking that step in our relationship.

Given all external variables sorted out, I would love to be in the position that those two are in right now and finally quench the burning question that everybody has been asking me. Then maybe I can start attending weddings again...

Earlier this month I made a little blog review competition and as promised, I was scheduled to make an announcement on the winner of the competition that I conducted in Munich.


Because Munich was way too cold to even make a video, I've decided to keep the announcement simple this time. After much consideration, I've decided the winner of the blog competition is:

Ms. CatWoman! (check out her blog at the link!)

Because there were only female participants for the competition, I could only give out one prize for the competition so perhaps we would see more participation on my next blog review?

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  1. Does it mean you will get married next year 2013? LOL

  2. 3 of u must be forever friends yeh