Nuffnang Volkswagen Test Drive Weekend

Over the last weekend, I got a call up from the awesome people at Nuffnang to come around to Desa Park City to try out a range of Volkswagen's latest collection of cars. Being a car nut myself, I find it rather hard to say no this opportunity.

[*whispers* Das Auto...]

All these time I have been one extremely impressed with the marvel of German engineering and it is a known fact that the greatest example of this would come from their line of automobiles. For most of you out there without that much knowledge of car history, Volkswagen has been known to come up with ingenious designs and built on their cars that define their pride on the reliability.

[Some of the range of cars for testing that day!]

So as I made my way to Desa Park City (I admit was rather stressed out to get there because of the stupid weekend traffic), I realized that the day was extremely beautiful, with not one cloud hovering across the sky which makes it perfect for test driving and taking pictures! :D

As I got to the place (slightly late) a lot of the other familiar faces of Nuffnang bloggers were already at the scene, some already hitting the cars for a test drive since the morning session. Because of the number of people that were attending that day, they decided to separate the bloggers into two sessions for the day.

[Very obvious that Sergy Boy got excited for finding the hidden Elmo]

[Nuffies handling the registration booth]

Fuuny how at this point I kept pestering Farah to gimme the keys for the Passat, which she says she don't have. Something suss... I even got the opportunity to catch up with regular faces at Nuffnang events, which I haven't seen in a while.

[With Jayren]

[Didn't recognize Ernest at first without him in his purple shirt and... well... cartoony]

[The always gorgeous Ms Liki]

So on that day, I was given the opportunity to try out two of the the most popular model from the latest line of Volkswagen vehicles and I'll tell you one thing, they are popular for a reason!

First up, was the Polo GTI!

[Mini Monster!]

This little nipper is their latest from their series of hot hatches and compared to their last model, this time they made sure that this fella can fly!

Equipped with a 1.8 litre turbo engine, I tested out the speed to it and it can really run like a bat out of hell. One of the reason why I wanted to try out this car badly was because that this baby was suppose to be the direct comparison to the Phantom and I wanted to see it for myself on how they stand toe to toe.

Performance wise without a doubt that the turbo pushed in more power to the engine which results to its speed capability but in handling wise, I didn't really fancy the heavy steering set that was in the car. However, with that drawback it compensates itself with the power behind the wheels and to some they might really like that idea.

[caught with a serious face driving the GTI]

The interior look of the car is really nice however if there is one thing I can comment in comparison with the Fatoush is that the size is really small. For a big guy like me, I might have trouble getting in and out comfortably from the car which is a big no no for me. So in general I had my doubts with the car to be honest.

Which was then compensated with this marvel.

[Volkswagen Passat CC 2.0]

My ultimate favorite of the Volkswagen series, the entire machine defines not only class but smooth handling within the car itself. It's size isn't exactly the biggest in it's class but to be honest it would be hassle if you were to drive around in KL traffic with a tank by your side.

Apart from the performance of the car, I really do love what it inside of the car itself.

[Inside the Passat]

Despite the fact that the color of the seats looks like it came from a 1970's James Bond movie, everything else in the car is superb. Rear view camera, switchable suspension and steering mode, keyless start and locking system, it even has 3 point automatic adjustable seats. Pure friggin bliss to be honest....

[All smiles on this blogger!]

If there is any car that would make me hate my own car, it would be this one. However there are a few issues with the car that raises a few eyebrows. Firstly the gearbox ratio is rather slow when hitting full speed which kinda dampens the driving mood and of course, the ghastly looking seat leather color thingy that doesn't really appeal to the sport yet classy side of me.

But I will still get one if I have the chance. :D


If you must know, I was actually trying to mimic this particular Passat advertisement with that pose...


All in all I had a great time with the Nuffies and the rest of the Nuffnang bloggers and to be honest, I found the driving experience, albeit a little short, to still be a great experience in total. Great time with cars and great time with awesome people, how much more do I want? :D

[Volkswagen FTW!]

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  4. Serge looks so funny! Lucky you guys get to test drive! I wanted to go too!