We Need Chimneys That Can Fit Santa!

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My thousand apologies for delaying the Japan post for one day. A little cock up on my end between processing the pictures for Tokyo and the ones meant for Disneyland, hence the delay of one day.

[Christmas festivities are here...]

So with that, I am taking the opportunity to address the coming Christmas festivities that is around the corner as well as the end of 2011. Enter the night celebrations, the gifts, the secret santas, the end of the year holidays and many many more.

But I was talking to someone the other day that maybe the whole festivities may have lost its original charm, with everything being too commercialised with material goods (may be a good excuse to use to avoid buying Miss Ave T a gift) and people today may have lost the innocence of the festivities.

That was until of course when I was listening to my usual morning radio show, Fly FM and they were talking about this story that made me smile for a bit.

Enter a boy named Leo Park.

[Plea letter from Leo]

When he moved into his new home for Christmas, all he was worried about was the fact that the chimney (which was in conventional size) would be too small for Santa and he didn't want him to get stuck there during Christmas Eve and can't deliver the rest of the Christmas gift to the rest of the world.

So what he did was he sent a letter to the developers of the house, with the letter you see above. Their response?

[They listened and rebuilt the chimney with Leo watching!]

[Detailed plan on how the chimney is going to work]

If this doesn't put a smile to your face, then you no longer believe the innocence of a child anymore. It sure as hell got me smiling.

So with much love from myself and the rest of TeamTehTarik, we would like to wish you guys Merry Christmas for those who are celebrating and Happy Holidays for those who are not. May the new year be a good one for you guys!

[Much love for the holidays!]

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  1. I will honestly hate anyone who tells me Santa is not real =[ 

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