TehTarikDrinker says Adieu to 2011

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Ah yes, another end of the year post is almost due and considering of how I have been doing this for the past 2 years, pressure is on to make sure whatever I recap for the past year in 2011 must at least be better than before.

[Adieu 2011!]

So, was 2011 a good year for me? I have to admit if comparing between the year 2010 and 2009, things may have slowed down a little bit for me for the past year. Nevertheless, I still had a bunch of things happening for me that I would feel that it would be worth a mention.

Of course if you have been reading my blog all this time, I apologise if all this sounds rather repetitive... :D

Got myself into a new hobby : Running!


What started as a participation of a company run event has now turned into a full blown obsession. Recently I find myself participating in almost one running event every single month and truly loving every minute of it! I am not sure what it is but I do believe that its the exhilaration of running in a crowd that actually got me hooked into all this!

Let my dreams of being a lawyer go

This one is a little hard to talk about. Three years ago after graduating, I thought that my path has been set of becoming part of the law fraternity but alas, as most people would mention, some things are just not meant to be. Despite my valiant efforts of getting there I am now officially out of the law profession.

 [This law grad is hanging his wig]

Joined in a multi billion dollar conglomerate company

With a chapter closed in one's life, another will always come knocking and I was super, absolutely fortunate enough that the opportunity that came for me was from a really large global company. That's one huge step for the TehTarikDrinker to the corporate world!

Increase travelling time by 5x!

Whether is for work or for leisure with the family/TeamTehTarik, I have to admit that 2011 has been one hell of a travelling year for me! from JapanBerlin, Munich, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Australia already under my belt for the year, I am really looking forward to double that number for 2012!

Lets see if I can achieve that!

Got more time to join events with Nuffnang

As part of my resolutions last year, I did mention that I would try to make an effort to be more visible for the blog and I suppose that 2011 have been a year that I got myself a little bit more seen, with the help of the members of TeamTehTarik of course.

The entire year added more friends in my circle of contact and with the help of GPlusMY, more involvement with events throughout the year!


It was a great year with them Nuffies. Really looking forward to see what else can be done in 2012!

Got myself a new car!

Ah yes, the arrival of my pride and joy. After years of saving and prancing around in my parents' car, I finally got myself to get a brand new car on my own and finally have something that I can proudly call mine. Truly, the arrival of "Fatoush" has been an absolute blessing!

Plus look how shiny it is!

Got someone crying on video

I know that Miss Ave T is going to hate me for writing about this (again) but it was a fun highlight of our year when I got the Cadbury people to come and help make this year's anniversary special. Check it if you haven't. :D

Of course now I am in a pickle because I need to figure out something to top that one and of course it is still miles and miles and miles away in comparison to that meme proposal. :D

So considering the relatively slower year, recapping whether I have made my resolutions happen this year is one hell of job. Unfortunately...

To learn mandarin - still in progress... and when I mean progress I meant just only downloaded the Ipad app

Update blog 4 times a week - almost got this one done but travelling seem to make things little difficult

Get blog to reach target rank - for personal reasons I will keep this one to myself. :D

Pass CLP and become a lawyer - haih....

Travel more than one place this year - Check and check! :D

At least hit gym more consistently this year - this one I got covered. Hitting gym 5 days a week now

Learn the Piano - does the one on IPad count?

Lead more awesome event on GPlusMY - So far so good but got to have more!

Get dream business ideas done - also check and check!

And so as the new year comes in, of course we need to set in a new list of resolutions from my end? How do I top this one then.....

1. Get Mandarin done!
2. Break 500 visitors to blog per day!
3. Get promoted within the year
4. Travel to 5 different locations within this year
5. Get gym target done (12% - 10%)
6. Run at least a half marathon overseas!
7. Learn how to skip rope (yup I admit it....)
8. Be more involved with Nuffnang and GPlusMY
9. Take relationship to next level?

To all my friends out there reading this, thanks so much from the bottom of my heart for an outstanding year for which I truly enjoyed. Right now in my mind all I can think about is what to do in 2012! :D

Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. i dah lama tak join sukan marathon sejak kawin.. misi 2012 dah start lari semula.. hope boleh jumpa bro.. hehehe


  2. it's nice reading other people's dreams.. all the best! :)

  3. dont'overachieve!! XD