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My sincere apologies for the delay of the last two post from my previous Japan trip. There were a lot of things that I needed to catch up before the year end and editing the pictures seem to take forever. Nevertheless, continuing on from my previous travel posts.

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So our next destination was to get to the busiest central city in Japan, Tokyo! Known around the world as not only the business capital of Japan but also the fashion capital of the country. Unlike the sights that we found in Hokkaido, everyone here seem to be in a hurry somewhere and its uber fun to be in the middle of it!

[Latern ho!]

So our first destination in Tokyo was to do some sight seeing visit as well as get some gift shopping done since that we are returning back to Malaysia within a couple of days. We were brought to another temple right in the middle of the city and at the same place, we also found a row of shops located across the temple for us to get some shopping done!

[Another Buddhist temple in Japan]

[Visitors are required to "smoke" themselves before entering the temple]

You would think that after seeing so many temples around Japan, you'd get bored of seeing another one. But one that that you must realise that here, each temple has its own personal characteristics which makes them different from one another. The practice of their believers might be the same for all but for a non-Buddhist visitor like me, its amazing to see the different sights on each of the temples.

[Row of shops around the area of the temple]

[This curious lil fella decided to chill on one of the altars. I tried to go close but she gave me tulan look]

[Knife shop that actually still makes the old school way of knives, including samurai swords!]

After heading out to town for some sashimi lunch, we decided to go on our own way to complete some more shopping since that we would have much time the day after because of our tour program. Naturally, we decided to head out to Ginza, which is the brand shopping area of Tokyo.

To make things easier, I would liken Ginza Street like our own Bukit Bintang area or even like Oxford Street in London. Mind you though, shopping around this area won't just burn but rather thermoblast your pockets to kingdom come. 

[Ginza St. yo!]

[They still have trickshaw rides across the roads, even with all the big buses moving beside them!]

[SafrizOnline testing out the Sony PSP Vita at the launching in the Sony Building!]

[Trying out some stuff as if I was buying something. :D]

[We even found a toy shop that has its own race track inside!]

It was then suddenly I realised that Murphy's Law decided to kick in around this time of the day. Of all the things that I forgot to do before leaving the hotel was to charge the damn camera and this was after camwhoring the day before around the snow areas of Sapporo. Realising this, I needed to spare some of the pictures that I was taking for this post to the necessary ones only.

Of course I had SafrizOnline but he is taking his sweet petunias time to process his pictures. Photographers...

Now if you guys realise, I will try my level best on each of my visit to get to every single Hard Rock Cafe that I can find in the country as I am an avid collector of the guitar pins from all around the world (so far my collection has reached 37 pins!) and we were not going to lose out on this trip either. However that would mean that we would have to navigate our own way around Tokyo using the public transport, which is mostly in Japanese.

[Ah crap...]

There are three locations around Tokyo that we needed to visit for Hard Rock. From our original location in Shinjuku, our first destination was Roppongi, an upbeat and clubbing central of Tokyo!

[Night falls on the busy area of Shinjuku]

[Train network around Japan]

Surprisingly enough, figuring out the network of trains under the Tokyo town isn't that hard, seeing that I got used to reading the maps and using the London Tube during my time in the UK so it wasn't that difficult to figure out our way to get to our locations.

[HRC Roppongi Tokyo!]

[Street full of karaoke pubs in Roppongi]

Our next stop was to detour to the town of Akihabara, since we got a little confident on navigating around Tokyo. Since that a lot of people back in Malaysia talks about the gizmo and gadgets in Japan, Akihabara is the central location for you to get all the IT and other geeky products that you want. Imagine LowYat Plaza but the entire town itself!

[Somehow I feel like someone watching me...]

Our next stop was Ueno, a district that houses most of the working class people in Tokyo.Unlike Roppongi or Shinjuku, this area is a little quieter due to the residential area of this district which kinda surprised me on why would they have a HRC here.

[We finally found it, located INSIDE the train station!]

And finally our last location that we needed to go was Narita, which is about 10 minutes away from the Narita Tokyo Airport (which is a butt load distance away from us). Nevertheless we still powered on and managed to find it. Believe it or not, I actually found the Hard Rock Cafe located inside A JAYA JUSCO!

[Even found Jaya Jusco at Japan!]

So as you can imagine upon returning to the hotel room, I was exhausted and was desperate to find a power source to charge the camera's batteries. Be prepared for tomorrow's post people, it may or may not be an inside look of a place that idolises a mouse .... :)

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