Teh Tarik Blog Contest Winner!

<data:blog.pageName/> <data:blog.title/><data:blog.pageTitle/> OHAI-YO!

Its so good to finally be back home to Malaysian soil after a long and awesome trip. As mentioned in my previous post, do expect to see a line up of consecutive blog post, showcasing the many (mis)adventures of mine as a fellow TeamTehTarik colleague of mine in Japan for the next couple of days!

[Chilling before jumping into a hot spring public bath (onsen) at the hotel lobby!]

Nevertheless before I left for my trip, I did organize a small blog contest promoting a fellow Nuffnang comic blogger and as promised I will be getting the lucky winner a small token gift all the way from the Land of the Rising Sun itself!

So in the mood of all this talk of Japan, I decided to brave the Hokkaido winter to make the announcement myself! Check it out!

[Congratulations Priscilla at PriscillaunPerfect!]

So, congratulations to Priscilla from Kuching for being chosen as the winner. As to the mechanics of how the winner is chosen, you might wanna ask Ernest on how he did. He may or may not put everyone's name in a bowl and chose one... just saying. :D

As for the prize, it will be featured in one of the post in the next couple of days, of course she will be informed earlier about this, so keep an eye on this for new post coming in the next couple of hours!

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