Rara Zikry: Gone Too Soon

<data:blog.pageName/> <data:blog.title/> <data:blog.pageTitle/> My attention was brought to this story by one of my uni mates on Twitter. Another tragic tale of a sudden sickness of a bright and bubbly girl in the prime of her life, now gone way too soon.

[RIP Rara Zikry]

The story started when she fell sick after a sudden, mild asthma attack while hanging around her friends around Shah Alam. Known by her peers that she does have her on-off asthma problems (which is generally normal to most people), she fell into a coma for about two weeks. Since then, she has been bravely fighting to recover, paralysed for her entire body and been battling with the fact that her brain is no longer receiving enough oxygen to fully function.

This was in 2010.

Tragically yesterday night she succumbed to her sickness, passing away peacefully with the presence of her close friends and family.

Rather than the controversial comments about her (which I believe was thrown at her through cruel and sick words marked by falsely claimed "religious" critics) it was the bravery of her fighting for her life and her family's appeal that got to me.

Somehow reading through this story, it really got me thinking on how short this life has been and how sometimes most of us tend to have very little worry about our health and the lifestyle that we live in. Even with an active girl like Rara (research told me that she was an active person) would fall sick like this, let alone those who slob their way through a greasy and unhealthy lifestyle that we have been used to, especially here in Malaysia. 

I have lost close friends over the year through sicknesses and I can only imagine what her friends and family must be feeling right now. But I hope that with her passing, her story would have touched millions here in Malaysia on how life is and how much we need to really treasure it to its very fullest. If there is anything else that she can leave behind, apart from what I understand a life full of friends and happy stories and memories is that, is that life itself shouldn't be taken for granted. Carpe Diem.

To her family and friends, I give my condolences. To Rara, I would implore others reading this to give their prayers and Al-Fatihah for her soul. May she be placed with those close to Him.

*note*: as per request of Rara's family members, all of her pictures have been removed from this post.

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  1. My heart sink to see her left for good at such a young age. May she rest in peace, I believe she is now in a better place cause she no longer has to suffer. 

  2. god love her more than us, trust me. al-fatihah. the death comes anytime, anywhere, without counting an age. may Allah granted her a peace :) default475 {"method":"validate","params":[],"id":1,"jsonrpc":"2.0"}

  3. Mati tak mengenal usia.. Al fatihah ..

  4. who is she?? singer or actress?so famous oh..RIP

  5. Al-Fatihah to arwah

    and lets help her by not publishing / distributing her past life pictures...

    she returned to ALLAH on a good day :Friday, after been tested for so long, and the reward is jannah inshaALAH..but please..let us not share her old piccas anymore..

    rest in peace dear rara

    Allahumma la tahrimna ajraha
    wa la taftinna ba'daha

    waghfir lana wa laha


  6. salam.

    setuju dgn Siti.
    kindly remove her pictures.
    semoga dia tenang di sana
    jgn tambah seksa orang yang sudah pergi
    semoga Allah memberkati kita semua..

  7. Al-Fatehah buat arwah... 
    for us who still here.. we never know how's our live's end.. 

  8. kepada yang alim sangat tu. sedekahkan Al-Fatihah kepada arwah. berhenti kutuk hina. korang pun akan dipersoalan kat Akhirat esok, kenapa tak bantu untuk bimbing saudara-saudara Islam yang 'kurang'.

    dari saya yang strict dan patuh kepada Islam dan Allah

  9. alfatihah.

    mohon remove pic arwah... tq

  10. please kindly remove her picture.
    it isnt nice to be seen publicly as she already passed away...

  11. Alfatihah..Today is hers...we don't know when is ours..Ya Allah...

  12. Assalamualaikum semua dan selamat sejahtera.  Saya beru jer mengetahui perkabaran tentang Allayarhamah Rara ni bila termasuk ke link ni.  Sedih betul rasa nyer bila membaca apa yang berlaku kepadanyer sehingga lah membawa kepada pemergiannye mengadap Ilahi...Al Fatihah. Allah lebih menyayangi nyer.  Penyakit asma adalah amat berbahaya. saya pun pernah mengalaminya masa kecik2 dulu.  Baru-baru ni saya telah mendapat demam campak dan pernafasan saya agak teruk dan terpaksa bergantung dengan alat Inhaler di sebabkan asma saya datang menyerang semasa mengalami demam campak tu. 

  13. Salam dear, thank you for the lovely post but minta delete gambar our baby Rara ya. Thank you so much..
    Al-Fatihah buat Zarith Nadhira Binti Mohd Zikri

  14. ape kate anda buang semua gambar2 ni. kesian. orang dah pergi. :)