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I know I don't usually write about the shows that I watch on a daily basis (especially the one that involves a bunch of geeks and a hot girl or the one that involves a man talking to his children about their mom) but recently I got my attention on a show that is something completely different than those shows.

[Money Drop Malaysia!]

What this game is all about is really a game show with the same objective as everything else, win as much money as you can in a series of question. The only difference is that the contestants already have the money in hand, you just have to place them in answers that you think is the right one.

[The game board]

Sounds simple enough, you even have the opportunity to put multiple answers per question. However the catch is that you would have to leave one answer blank, you have to invest all of the money you have and there is only one right answer. Whichever wrong answer happens, the money "drops" into the lose bin and you are left with whatever you have left.

Check out how it goes on in a round shorten to 5 minutes.

and of course, check out what happens when you get a question MAJORLY WRONG!

It would be interesting to see how this show goes on in Malaysia, a somewhat new breed of gameshows than the ones we are used to in the past. I'd be more interested to see what are they questions they give for the contestants here because I have seen the ones posed overseas and I have to tell you, its a toughie....

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