@fourfeetnine and @timothytiah Levels Up! Congratulations!

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Short post, but rather exciting news! I believe that for most of us Nuffnang bloggers would recognise that both Tim and Aud are arguably one of the most well known couples in the Malaysian blogging world at least and yesterday, they took the plunge!

[They are getting married!]

With all the years I have been associated with Nuffnang, these two were never short of a friendly face for not only myself but for the rest of the TeamTehTarik members. It's unbelievable how many times me and Miss Ave T would bump into these two and as I said,  a friendly face every single time without fail.

So on behalf of myself and the rest of TeamTehTarik, I would like to wish them CONGRATULATIONS and all the best wishes and luck for the upcoming wedding! You guys truly and honestly deserve each other!

[insert Final Fantasy level up theme song here!]

I believe that Tim will be posting how it all happened here.

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  1. I hear wedding bells ringing :D So happy for both of them! 

  2. Aww! Feel so happy for them :)

  3. grats to them! hahas thanks for sharing the great news!


  4. i know right? 

  5. let see how soon the wedding will be!

  6. really good news for them!

  7. no problem!

  8. awwww thank you for the post!! we're so touched T___T