Fixing Innit for the New Year

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After a long Christmas break at home (practically doing nothing apart from processing 400 pictures from my last trip), a sudden thought came to my mind.

For years a lot of us have been using Innit as a base to promote our posts but there seem to be something wrong that is happening to the page today. Once I remembered that the page itself was once a place to not only promote your posts but also at one point was a place for bloggers to meet up and chat among one another. I remembered at one point of time, the people there were even gathering their own communities among one another from the page and it did serve it's purpose as a medium to promote bloggers to one another.

Then it all changed.

[Innit new layout]

Particularly after the new implementation of the new layout to Innit (as well as the direction of moderation of the page), the page has become nothing more than a place for people to promote their new post and have no interest in getting to know people there anymore. 

Even the topics that are promoted in the site no longer represent true blogging but mere reproduction of either "traffic tips" or "money making stories" that gets the top attention among the readers. Nothing else.

So as part of the new year initiative, let see if we can change that.

[GPlusMy - voice of bloggers]

I believe that the whole reason of the implementation of GPlusMY is to give voice of the concerns of bloggers especially to Nuffnang and this would be a good reason for me to use that opportunity to fix this situation.

I know that there are many out there that would want Innit to serve its purpose as more than just a place to "sell your posts" (as was aptly put by a few veteran Inniters) and would want the community to be back to where it was before. A place that bloggers (at least here in Malaysia) can really hang out and read stuff that is worth reading.

Long gone were the days that people actually recognise each other from Innit and actually chat about interesting things (bad or good) rather than coming in to the chat room for a "flash promo" on a blog.

So what I am planning to do here is simple: compile all of your suggestions and comments as to how and what can be changed with the Innit system and discuss on possible improvements that you would want to see happen in Innit. I in turn will bring this up to the people in Nuffnang and make this changes happen for you guys.

Tell me what you think should be done in order to fix this situation. Tell me what you want to see happen.

I believe that as the president of the group, initiatives like this should happen for Nuffnang bloggers and there should be a way for you guys to have a say on this. I know that there has been many of a times that people complain that we don't like how things have ended up with the Innit site. So this is your chance to voice up and start somewhere to make the change.

Spread the word, let the discussion begin.

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  1. have more active moderators there? last time when sotong zai was there ppl wont dare to do funny things or else ban for an undisclosed number of days. Maybe select inniters can volunteer? or if better got clock in system so we get paid^^ lols...i met most of my blogging friends today from innit. it was a nice place to play let's make it a nicer place again ^^

  2. Wow, I see my super old post there. LOL.
    Let's see - how to improve it. Perhaps have someone to look after it? Filter blog posts that brings no meaning to anyone (example: the redundant posts of how to earn traffic/money/I-have-BE/etc). It's currently dominated by bloggers who don't produce good posts. It doesn't even drive traffic if I post my posts there.The chatbox is situated at the bottom - therefore it's not a strategic location for interaction.

  3. i've been wanting to blog about this topic for quite sometime but i was afraid of  "offending" some people so i just keep quit all these time. What you wrote is really true. I seriously don't see anyone chatting in the chatbox anymore. Even when I went "hello" and nobody replied after hours =_=". My suggestion will be that re-position the chatbox.

  4. I've never really use the innit and mostly to promote blog but no point because nobody is active there. I like the chatting function and really hope it can be alive again. Moderators are needed to moderate the content as well like a forum =)

  5. Jayren Hann Yaw KwanDecember 29, 2011 at 5:17 PM

    Hmm , solution would be probably cut down and filter all those how to earn traffic and earn money blog post. And maybe like cutebun ,and glow said ,put some moderators there to stop those promote for nang at chatbox , and i really do hope i can chat at the innit chat box like last time . And maybe should reposition the chatbox to more strategic and visible place where we can see it when we enter innit . Just my personal suggestion and opinion here . I really cant wait for innit to alive again . =D

  6. cant agree with it anymore! hate seeing those post which is about their BE, this month i have three BE!! so happy. I dont know what's the point are they blogging bout it EVERYDAY!

  7. I guess less people use innit because it is getting more complicated to submit a post. Harder captha, select category+++ More flash on the website which leads to slow loading. And of course nowadays  more people wanna know how to earn more money through blogging. That explain why the hot topic is always about money.

    But now some of the inniter already migrate to FB group where it is easier to share blog post and get their likes. All we need is just the blog post url ;p