Chokers of Manchester

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Woke up this morning, and this is what I have to see...

[Manchester United crashes out from the Champions League]

With the odds stacking in favour of the Red Devils who only required to draw the game, we still manage to choke up the game and lose to a much lower ranked team, Basel.

This is the point for all of us hardcore Manchester United supporters would wander if this is the wake up call that we need to realise that there is a necessary shake up within the team to revamp the whole team altogether or a self realisation that United is being way too complacent with their game these days.

Regardless I am going to keep this post short. As expected a lot of the UnitedHaters Club members are voicing out their glee with the exit of the team and I am not one to comment on that because it is very obvious:

[Haters gonna hate]

However the consolation prize out of this whole scenario is that at least we manage to drag the noisy neighbours down with us....

[All that money and still no glory eh Robbo?]

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