[ADV] Don't Let Other's Speak for Your Rights

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I know that there are a lot of people out there or even around me speculating on when exactly will the upcoming General Election and by the word of mouth, a lot of people are getting real excited about it as well!

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However as is the case for every time the general election comes to town, many would have failed to either vote or even register themselves to vote even after way surpassing the eligible voting age, for whatever reasons they can come up with. My favorite would always be:

1. Lazy (however can still catch their weekly episodes of their favorite series religously)
2. Too crowded at the voting area
3. Don't know where to register
4. Don't feel like their votes would matter anyways

Regardless of what the reasoning is, I've always felt that there is seriously no good enough reason for a person to forgo such responsibility as in the end of the day, regardless of the rumors and accusations, the responsibility of actually choosing your ruling government or people representing you in parliament lies within your votes.


It comes to no surprise where my political pinions are aligned to but one thing is for certain, with every meet up with politicians that I have done in my life, the notion that was brought in by every politician is always the same. Regardless of where you stand in your political opinions, the first step of political maturity is for the people themselves to realize what it means to actually register and vote. To let their voices be heard.

With that in mind, I believe that it is great that now the Voting Committee (Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya) are trying to create as much awareness as possible for people to find out the ways and places they can register to vote. My usual place to register would always be the post office but if you would prefer another way, by all means go and check it out. :)

One of the interesting feature that is worth a special mention here on the SPR website is the addition of the "Hebahan" box which identifies and highlights any news of announcement in regards of the general election. It was there that I found out more on the introduction of the "indelible ink" for the upcoming election, as part of them ensuring a smooth and fair casting of votes.

I know that for most of you, politics and politicians are alien to your daily but many would have failed to realize that if we keep screaming and shouting for a fair and stable election and government, it means nothing when we fail to even realize the importance of our own responsibility as the general public.

So if I was to sum up what I was trying to say in one word, it would be simply this:

So, I've registered. Have you?

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