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I have been meaning to do this for a very long time but I guess my previous fear was that I would not be able to commit enough time to actually do a proper review of blogs that I actually go around and read. But enough procrastinating.

[Check out his site by clicking on the image or here!]

So to start off my first post under this tag, a very very very very very very very very very very very very very long time ago (my sincere apologies bro if you are reading this) I made a small contest in this lil' blog of mine for my blog anniversary and this reader was the one that actually responded to my request. Over that time, I have been reading and reviewing majority of his posts on his blog. Lets hope I get this right! :D

On first glance, its pretty easy to see that this guy writes pretty much similar to the concept that I have, minus the "oh-so-boring-serious-posts" that I make every now and then. Very much easy reading for his posts about his daily life studying in a University Technology Petronas (a local university here in Malaysia) and generally his thoughts about the things that most of us would be interested in!

[The Blogger himself!]

BLOG DESIGN : a pretty funky looking design that does stand out in its originality for the blog. Simple yet still eye catching!

CONTENT READING: If you're one of those that does have the hankering for some easy reading, then you're in the right blog. Apart from his own life stories, he does some have some coverage on his own interest ie. music as well other things as well.

PROS: Very fun reading is expected in this blog so you wouldn't really be cracking your head to really understand what he is writing about. As for most personal bloggers, the last thing you would want is to not really get what the writer is trying to deliver, which he manages to avoid in his post.

CONS: If there was anything that I would change in his blog, I would say the lack of either a blogroll link or an archive of his previous post does pose a little problem on getting around his site. 

Truth be told, I would keep my eye on the blog, which is always fun to read the opinions from similar bloggers like myself on things!

So, I would implore my readers to check out his site HERE and see what he has to offer. You might be pleasantly surprised! :D

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