#NAPBAS Prediction - Best Micro Blogger and Most Original Blog Design

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Continuing on from yesterdays review, we now come to two more categories that I would think would run away with the prizes on their respective categories. Basically with the inclusion of a couple of new categories into the mix, we now see an emergence of a new trend within the blogging world.

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With the micro blog award in contention, what we are looking out for are bloggers who actively make their presence not only in their blog but also on other social media platform as well. A very subjective (and somewhat controversial) category on its own but still there are those that can really pack a punch by just 160 words.

Presentation - I believe that rather than layout, what we are judging here is more towards their presence on Twitter and Facebook. On first outlook, KennySia and Melburnian leads the pack with their sheer number of twit followers in their page, which must be for whatever reason that they have that appeals to the general public. 

However one should also not disregard the darkhorse in the race, which I feel should go to Suanie on this category. She may not be as witty as the others but hints of satirical comedy and funny one liners does give her a fighting chance in the category.

Content - This should be an easy category to decide, if there is one person in that list that hits out to people's attention in less that 160 words would again have to go with KennySia which is the same humour that got his blog famous in the first place. However, I am also noting KengoWrites as a noted competitor under this category (I had some help on this coz I don't read Chinese!) as well.

Relevance to Category - Props should be given to Melburnian on bringing your "typical Aussie Victorian" humour on his tweets which gives him a strong contender under this category. ALso to be noted that the idea of a micro blogger is to find someone that can really portray a strong impact with as little words as possible, which I have been told that even lengxiaohua manage to capture as well in the twits.

If I was to make a prediction here, I strongly believe that this would be an obvious two horse race to the win between Kenny and Melburnian and my bet is going to be close as hell. Our verdict to win?

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With our resident Twitter Queen blogger JoJo making the verdict for this category, the rest of TeamTehTarik would concur with her decision on this!

[Smexy time!]

Some may argue that with his long time absence from the blogging world for awhile now, he shouldn't even have a fighting chance to win the category but I believe that he still does have some strong following to pip him to win the competition itself.


One of my most favourite category to do a review, it is really impressive to see what people can come up with designs for their blog (kinda puts my "quickfixdownload" layout to shame a little bit...) and by far the finalist does feature some of the most nicest one I have ever seen on blogs so far.

Presentation - I believe this should be the most important criteria to be looked at for this particular category. Basically from my observation, the best can be seen from two categories. One being cute and artsy, which I would have to give to CheeChingy for her creative comic strips layout and Zhuxiaomei with a nice animated design, and the other for a clean and creative outlook which should go with eatshowtell with a fantastic professional design for the blog!

Content - Apart from original postings on their blog, one of the things that I would look at is the how well would they be able to combo between the content of their posts as well as the content of the pictures that comes with it.

Quite honestly on this department I'd give it to Lizosaurus for the win on this, on the sheer brilliance of her creativity not only on the layout, but also with her consistent tag lines and title design which compliments the entire theme of the blog itself.

Relevance to Category - Although it is a bit hard to differentiate on what exactly should be judged under this criteria but I believe that the most important thing to understand is not only the impact of the design but also a long lasting impression of their design to the public.

For this, I believe only two that really does it for me. Ditz-Revolution gorgeous design really does have a real eye catcher with some clean and yet easy to navigate design on her blog. Apart from that, I still would also highlight the sheer brilliance of Lizosaurus's design which does have that long lasting effect on people to just come back and visit the site over and over again!

I believe that my choice is pretty obvious on this, hands down I'll put my money on....

 [Brilliant! Rawrs!]

One of the most creative designs I have ever seen on a blog, she DESERVES to win this category hands down with brilliant ideas and "oh-so-much-fun" design that would really make me wonder if I can ever come up with ideas like this!

So once again, I am banking on these two to win on their respective category for the reasoning that I mentioned above. Eitherway, do remember to cast your votes which is open between now until the 27th of November for the awards itself by CLICKING HERE which should give you ample time to make your decisions as well.

Much biggie up for fellow TeamTehTarik member JoJo for her contributions for this post, all the way from Good Ol' London!

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  1. I'm not gonna vote any of the microblogs in the microblog category...mere reason is coz i think they just choose ppl that are good with nuffnang or as long as within their circle....i only felt Kenny Sia's the only worthy english microblog out of the the 3 accounts and I can't read in chinese to judge the other two...there are many microbloggers out there who are damn good such as tekkaus and bluecrystaldude as they really make use of microblogging purpose..i did nominate them and surprisingly they are not among the finalists..i dun believe if you uses your twitter to chat for 80% of your timeline deserved to be called as best microblogs..no offence intended..coz if that is what they want, there are a lot of microbloggers who can be considered best..not to mention they neglect tumblr blogs which is also a microblogging tool and there are many good pinoy tumblr-ers

    For original blog design, now that's something to vote about...they are quite good and I had a tough time thinking who to vote...probably chee chingy since she's a comic blogger and i like the super mario theme.. =D

    sorry for the long ass rant comment..have a nice day