#NAPBAS Prediction - Best Hidden Gem Blog and Best Geek Blog

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Alright, despite some hiccups with the nomination list from the good people of Nuffnang, as promised before that here in MoaTTD we're going to have a little prediction post for the next 7 days for each of the category, and just for fun you guys can jump in and contribute as well!

How we are going to do this is that I have managed to enlist ALL of the TeamTehTarik members to give their verdict from each of their respective category (since that we have fashion, tech, photography etc bloggers here in TeamTehTarik) and reasons why we think they should win! :D

[Rise fellow Geeks!]

Starting from the "Geek Blog" awards, for the fairness of our reasoning we will break it down based on the judging criteria of the judges.

Presentation - based on the finalist list, I believe that the ones that stand out from this category would be between Geek Out!, who managed to capture the typical comic book style of presentation in the layout of the site and IPinoy Tech who managed to have a very clean presentation for the site and at the same time very very easy to navigate around the site. 

Whereas the others may have tried but I feel that that it didn't really pop out in the interest of the category and between those two, one look you would already be able to guess what kind of blog they really are.

Content - as for this category, one of the things that I would be particular about is the originality of the content itself. Previously on my other posts, I have mentioned that any Tom, Dick and Harry would be able to cut and paste any information out there in the web, paste it on their blogs and call it their own.

So for this, I think only Open The Toy is the only one that manage to hold on to this notion as I would have to give credit to them for really coming out with their own content for their reviews and product. Unfortunately that the others may have relied their posts from other similar topics from different websites which I do not think would give them much score on that point.

Relevance to Category - when it comes to tech bloggers, many would visit their blogs to see if the they can get the most information out of a certain product or tech issue that they are looking for. On this, credits due to YugaTech for the most compilation of information available on their site, comprising from different issues on the web. Credits should also be given to Geek Out! again with a very very detailed description of each of their posts, which gives a very nice reading every time some one gets into their blog.

So, who do we think would win?

[Don't mind StormyReza's hair. Polish hairdresser who couldn't speak english = epic fail]

All the way from London, our resident tech blogger StormyReza would go for GeekOut! FTW on this category and the rest of TeamTehTarik would agree with him too!

[click on the link for the site!]

Among all of them, these guys really do stand out among them with really good writing on game and movie reviews, slick yet simple designs on both their posts as well as the entire website and really fun to read! I had a quick read along all their posts last night and had quite a good time going through their posts in general!

[Where the hell were you hiding before?]

With this, its a little difficult to really judge on who should go back with the gong. Looking for the real "diamond in the rough" is something that really encompasses the flexibility of their posts in the website.

Presentation - what we're looking for here is the eye catcher, the one that would make you either stay on their website a little longer or even take a second look when browsing around the net itself.

For this, BeautifulAdieu's site really does capture a gorgeous contemporary looking site which attracts the attention of both the female and male viewers to the site, as well as a contemplation of some really nice shots within the site itself. However, coming in close would also be the comic natured Galaman that has that "WOW" effect from their layout.

Content - once again, what we are looking for is originality as well as attractiveness on their posts, and for this I am going to be stringent. 

I have to admit that over the years, I have been a fan of the satirical and comical writings of KenWooi who managed to get in touch with some of the more controversial and sometimes even hilarious issues on his writings (not to mention a large obsession on mammaries as well...). I would also give credit to Googly Gooeys who not only was able to catch the attention of their readers from their cute and cuddly comic characters but as well as a posts that really come from the heart, something in which your everyday blogger would be able to relate.

Relevance to Category - like I mentioned above, we're looking at the really "hidden diamond in the rough" websites and perhaps I would give it to A Beach Cottage for having one of the most heartfelt website in the list. If you have a look at their website, they have their own identity when it comes to their blogging which I really appreciate. While most of us would try an imitate the writing styles of others, these people kept it original.

Albeit the honourable mention of both deeca and FashionDes  on the designs of their blogs, I believe they maybe out of their contention here on their site. My reasoning would be simple, that despite them being a very strong blogger in their own ranks, there is really nothing much to really shout a solid reason why we should pick them to win in this category.

So, who would I think would win this category?

  [Click on the banner to the site!]

Quite frankly I would put my money on KenWooi to run away with this award, on the simple grounds that he does posses the next up and coming big thing in the blogging world with his posts and content. As how I would believe that most of his readers would agree, its that little things that he would include in his posts that really catches the attention of the public on his post and for that reason I would put my bet on him to win.

So with the polls now open, I suppose this would give a good headstart for the discussions on who you think would win, whether you agree or disagree on TeamTehTarik's reasoning on this prediction and even if you think that there are others who you feel should have gotten the nominations instead.

Eitherway, do remember to cast your votes which is open between now until the 27th of November for the awards itself by CLICKING HERE which should give you ample time to make your decisions as well.

Other than that, be sure to check out tomorrow for my predictions for two more categories in contention for the awards!

Let the vote/discussion/predictions roll people! :D

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