#NAPBAS Prediction - Best Food, Travel, Fashion, Photography, Lifestyle and Parenting Blogs!

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First and foremost, my sincerest apologies for not breaking this down as planned. I was away in Penang for a bit (which will blog about why) and unfortunately with very very very very very very very limited access to internet as well as taking a much longer time to recover from fatigue, I could only muster the strength to come back blogging now.

So. I'll sum up the rest of the list of predictions that I am going to make for the winners of the blog awards by just mentioning the blog of my choice and the reason why, for the sake of time on this matter. Cool? HERE WE GO!

Best Food Blog

Surprisingly enough, it is this category that gave me one hell of a difficult time to really evaluate which would have enough reasons for me to believe that they would run away with the award. In reality, I believe the tough contention would be going against Grab Your Fork, Tour De Food, and KY Speaks. However my choice would have to go to KY to win this category.

One of the reasons why I would think he would win by an extremely slim margin is that he puts the review to the focus of the average man. Nothing fancy with his review, nothing to complicated with the food, something that everyone around would be able to relate to. It is little wonder why some here would dub him the "Malaysian Food GPS".

Best Travel Blog

[Y Travel? ;P]

For this, two particular website really stood out the most would be YtravelBlog and Nina Fuentes as the possible selection of the winner. What I feel is a must have for travel blogs is not only the content for the site but also it should be easy to navigate within the site itself.

For that reason, I believe that YTravel Blog holds a stronger candle then Nina, with its sleek and simple design of the website plus very very very user friendly as well! great stories, really useful tips for those living life of the edge!

Best Fashion Blog

I admit I may not be the most stylish or fashionable person in this planet but I do know a thing or two to at least justify my prediction for this category. While many would go into blogs like this to have a look see as to what is the latest and newest fashion trend in the market, it is also crucial for this blog to maintain an image that is nice to look at. After all, who would want to visit a fashion blog that is not fashionable in design to begin with right?

So there are three contenders for this particular category. As much as Atienne and  Camile would put a run of anyone's money in this contest, I would believe the dedication, style and even the fan base of Cheesie would keep her as a winner of this category. 

Best Photography Blog

I've always been a person who really do appreciate good pictures. Unfortunately I am also one of those people who has the photography skills of a orangutan with very low concentration skills. Which is the reason why I have always admired the skills that some can come up with their pictures. Based on what I am told, one of the key things that one would look out for in a picture would obviously be the creativity, technique and most importantly the emotions that you can capture in a single picture.

While I would name three contenders for this category, one being Photoblog HK and Citrus and Candy, I would believe that SueAnneJoe is going to run away with the prize on this one. Very very strong emotions in her pictures as well as great experiments of different kind of techniques that she portrays in her pictures. Can't stop looking to be honest....

Best Parenting Blog

Once again its always the unexpected categories that would give me the hardest time to choose the best one. For this, I believe that a good parent story should not only get you the information that you are looking for when visiting these websites but also with things that not only entertain you but also the ones that would make you go " AAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWwwwwwww...."

For that, I would have to go with Prune Nurture as the best among the lot, perhaps a very very very slim margin against the Misis Chronicles and Childhood 101 in the contention. On the simple grounds, not only the ones said above, but also the website managed to capture that "parent feel" every single time you go around and visit the site. 

Best Lifestyle Blog

As much as we would want to try and avoid it, perhaps for this category would be slightly difficult to judge because of the heavyweight bloggers that are competing under this category. So despite the fact that there might be a possibility of Xiaxue picking up her second win here, I would disagree and predict that KinkyBlue Fairy might be able to cause an upset over this one. For this, my reasoning would only be my gut feeling...

And there you have it folks, my ENTIRE prediction of who will be taking home the coveted prize for each category. For those of you who want to check out my previous prediction for the rest of the categories do check it out HERE and lets see how close were my prediction to the actual results! :D

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  1. I think with XiaXue's fans base. She'll win in whatever category she's nominated in if it's purely based on votes.

  2. I agree that KY is the best foodie up there. As for Lifestyle, I think XiaXue might get it again this year.. 

  3. warghhh i'm completely speechless! *bow*

  4. Thanks for the nice comment for Prune+Nurture. I'm honoured :)