How Young Can You Date?

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Goooooooood Morning fellow readers! :D

The beauty of long holidays is that you can really laze about without a care in the world. Unfortunately for me I still have a few things to do so can't really "membuaya" myself around the house.

I actually promised a work mate of mine from Germany to post this. We had this talk about a couple of days back to find out for a guy, how young can the girl be before it becomes wrong for you to date the girl? Today you have seen evidence of (older) guys dating girls far younger than you can ever imagine and wonder, to how young before someone looks at you funny and judgmentally calls you a "cradle snatcher".

I told my colleague that me and my buddies in Australia back in 2002/03 came up with this rule while we had the same conversation among us (this is true, we guys talk about the same thing) and we finally came up with one golden rule that not only gives a logical leeway to people but also answers a lot of questions as to why most guys nowadays are dating much younger women than their peers.


So, after hours of discussion and hilarious debates on the topic, we came up with this equation:

The Limit Age of Girls You Can Date = (Your Age) / half + 7 years.

Therefore if using my age as an example:

(28 years old) / half = 14
14 + 7 = 21

That would mean that using this equation, the older a man gets, the bigger the threshold becomes, which then gives the explanation as to why there are a lot of men above the age of 35 dating someone in their early 20's and people are OK with it.

One problem however that we cannot figure out is whether we could use this term or theory for women. There have been questions posed to me as to how OLD can a girl date before someone start singing the Jamie Foxx verse of a certain Kanye West song.

That one I let you guys discuss.... :D

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  1. Hahahaha! I have heard one of my classmates discussing this equation as well.... As for the song, well, it's pretty catchy. :P

  2. haahahhaa... such a good equation for limitation of girl's age that you can date but I don't mind dating a 18 year old girl even if i'm 30! xD

  3. The equation is sure a new thing for me. LOL.