Costumes in Malaysia : Absolut Pitch!

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So, after a huge success for our stint during the Astro IPTV Hollywood Party many were wondering where in the world did I manage to find my costume as well as Miss Ave T. Truth be told I would have to give credit to  this place for providing us not only the quality of costumes for the night but also the service that came around with it.


From the previous post you remembered what we both were...

...but also ShazzK going to his won party as "V" for Vendetta!

So where exactly is this place that we keep getting our awesome stuff? Absolut Pitch is the name, and providing ridiculously awesome costumes are their game! However, there is one problem with this shop, is that it is so hidden within their walls, its kinda hard for someone to actually find the shop, much like most good things in life.

Of course, I'm going to guide you on how to get there with this review! :D

To get to this shop, first and foremost you gotta make your way to Fahrenheit 88 Shopping Mall, which the one in front of Pavillion, next to Starhill Plaza at Jalan Bukit Bintang. Go towards the ground floor and in front of the concierge counter is a Focus Point glasses shop. Keep an eye on the "Keluar" door next to the fun shop. Go through that exit door.

Like so!

You will see a hallway all the way, which you will follow along until the very end and then turn left.

[Star marks the spot!]

Keep going that hallway and on your left, would be what I would like to welcome you lot to one of the nicest costume shops I have ever been! General review of this shop is that their specialty would be on high quality European and American based costumes, which you can see evident from my own costume!

 [This way to fun!]

[A very fun way to show when your opening hours are!]

Shop Environment
Not really the biggest costume shop you can find (especially if you have experienced the one overseas) but the shop does have a very "geeky-costume-home" feeling the minute you enter the shop. I would have to admit that with a number of people visiting the shop it can get kinda tight to move around the shop but I am sure you would manage.
[Costumes galore!]

Arrangements of the costumes is key especially when you are in a rush to get a costume with no idea what the heck you need to get and you need an idea fast. Each and everyone of the stacks of costumes represents a theme that they share so it does get quite easy to spend some time and decide how you want to look like. However, one drawback that I would mention is that they do lack a catalog of the items which can get a little difficult at the point when you are about to make up your mind.

Products (Costumes)
One thing that the shop can offer are really good selection costumes and one of the newest and nicest quality you can find in the market, and I can honestly vouch for that. Following to your ideas or even your taste of costumes, the range of costumes that they have to be honest is astounding!

[feeling horny?]

[You'd think that should hurt right?]

[Anyone left a BeeGee?]

One of the things that they have as well is a collection of Marvel and DC comic characters, which is a hard thing to do. Reason because that in steps a die hard comic geek/fan like myself and I would be super particular with the details that you can get from the costumes. Trust me when I say this, I was very happy with what they have to offer!

[Tony Stark was here!]

I don't know about you guys but for me, the main thing that I would look for in every shop I go is actually the service that they provide, honestly above everything else. One of the best thing I would say about this shop is that the staff are uber helpful when it comes to selecting a costume. Honestly, I took more than two hours in selecting my costume and I went through the entire shop before I made the decision. All that time was with their staff helping me out and advising what should I go for!

[Awesome bunch of people working there! Honest!]

I am keeping this last review for a reason, simply because sometimes some people are too caught up with the pricing that it does effect your judgement. The price range in this shop is higher in comparison to what you can find in the other shops in KL. That is a fact.

However, it does depend on the type of costume that you are looking for. If you are looking for something simpler, costumes can go out for RM40 - RM80 for a three day period, which I think is the standard price for most costumes in KL. If you come in looking for something more detailed, then be prepared to fork out a nice sum for the level of detail and authenticity that you are looking for in a costume (like yours truly!)

So, would I come back for my next costume event? I believe that I speak on behalf of the other members of  TeamTehTarik that WE WOULD DEFINITELY come back to get our costumes without a doubt! Personally I feel that one should be satisfied with what you're looking for and to be honest the guys from Absolut Pitch really can deliver to the expectation from your costumes, regardless of the event!

So the next time you get yourself stuck with an idea for a costume, go there and say the TehTarikDrinker sent ya! :D

Lot D3, 1st Floor, Block D,
K.L. Plaza,
179 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,

Business Hours:  
12pm - 9.30pm
11am - 10pm
12pm - 6pm
Close on Mondays and select Public Holidays - Call us!!  
(03) 2141 0893  
 (During Business Hours)

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  1. Sharidawati ShahrudinNovember 1, 2011 at 2:16 AM

    cool place !

  2. wow nice place to search for such garments!

  3. I think best would be to line up several event in that 3 day period or have an awesome photoshoot! why put a great costume to waste right? ^^

  4. nice info bro...
    Maybe lapas nie boleh sewa kat sini plak... he he..

  5. whoaaa!!..thats hidden!..but nice place!:)

  6. Truth be told, I went to the same shop on Friday Night only to find out almost all superheroes costume were out!
    Ermm...was that bad luck or good for me?

  7. WOW! That's a seriously amazing costume shop. But it's like pretty hard to find, unless you know exactly where it is or just happen to stumble upon it. Wish I could kidnap the Captain America shield, lol.

  8. I will surely drop by and search for costumes here!

  9. Hey there! Greetings from the boys and girls of Absolut Pitch! Thanks for the awesome review! Hope to see you soon aite! Cheers!

  10. mo man tai! :D

  11. they really do have a lot of nice selections

  12. boleh! sebab tempat lain baju diorang dah lama sangat

  13. very hidden but worth the find

  14. i figured that was going to happen, hence i got mine a week before the event!

  15. hence why I came out with a visual map on how exactly do you get there! hope it helps!

  16. I'll definitely come back!

  17. hahah hope you guys like the review i made fellas!

  18. interesting idea! could be the next gplus event? :D