The Gym Community: A Teh Tarik Breakdown!

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With my recent stint in the gym these days (which will continue for another 5 months to come) I have come to realize my existence in a new community than my usual circle. It is true when one said that the gym is a sacred place for guys as we tend to bond with one another better at the gym.

Granted that I have been packing in the weights since I last left gym two years ago (evidence here) but with the help of my long lost gym partner Ash who despite his larger size and frame then me would still embarrass the living daylights by doing that one more set than me, I do believe I am back on track from where I left off.

However, I also have realized with the growing popularity of gym these days, we have seen the fair share of "clicks" around the gym that really do exist so in a fun attempt to break it down, lets see how much can I cover in this post...

 [Geng Badan Tough aka. The Monster Club]

These are the kind of guys that not only make you wonder why the hell did you even try but does weights and reps that would scare children around them. We have some of the meanest, badass-est, toughest looking monsters in the gym that literally can break a cow in half. I have half the mind to actually ask these guys "Why are you still here? You won! You can't get any bigger than this!". Then again believe it or not, these guys are the nicest one around the gym! Always helpful to spot your workouts, give you tips on your routine and never once have I seen them strut around like they own the place. Which comes to the second category of people in gym.

[The Douche-Baggism Click]

Yup, these are the kind of guys that walks into the gym, with a semi toned body, does a rep and takes a long hard look at himself in the mirror in between sets. This are the ones that seriously pisses me off because we all know that their main objective is to get people to look at them working out rather than working out itself.

I have seen an instance of such douchebaggism once, a guy in the changing room was looking himself in the mirror in his boxes shorts, took the hairdryer and decides to airdry his abs for about 10 minutes. And then pulls an abs pose. Nice one douce.

[The "Pay-To-Only-Hang-Out-at-the-Gym" Gang]

One of the most common sights that you can find in gym. For those that complains about how our Ringgit is low on purchasing power, I have to say that these people really spend for no reason at all. There are those who actually come to the gym, take a slow nice walk on the treadmill and spend their entire time having a drink and watching TV AT THE GYM! Not that I have anything against their rights to do so but I just wonder, why?

[The Ear Workout Gang]

Rule of thumb for common gym etiquette: The handphone has no place in the gym! Countless times I have seen these people hogging an equipment because they just really need to make that phone call in between sets while there is a line of people waiting to use the equipment. And yes, that includes those who are checking Twitter or Facebook on the phones as well...

 [The really psyched dude in gym!]

Every gym has one. He seems to have that steam everytime he goes to the gym and you wonder where the hell is that energy coming from. He may seem a bit weird running around waving his arms in the gym but you gotta appreciate these people who really came with fuel to the gym. Kudos to you sir. Kudos to you.

So in conclusion, for those who are familiar with the inner works of the gym, I am sure that at least one of these people exist in your gym. Obviously I am going to let you figure out which gym do I go to and where am I basing this observation. Question is, which of these group do you fit in? :D

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  1. what about the gym bunnies?! ^^

  2. I've never been to a gym myself, but most of my friends do, and they have similar stories to tell. The most common one among the female set - is women who actually doll up to go to the gym, but do more talking than working out.

  3. haha.. what about newbies who quietly explore almost every equipment in the gym..? :P

  4. haha me too!

  5. I have no qualms with them, always nice to see some "motivation" :D

  6. uuh we have one of those as well!!! I;ve seen them on the threadmill moving at the speed of 1.5!

  7. thats fine, we all gotta start somewhere....

  8. The Douche-Baggism Click is the most seen in the gym i go, they just need a place to chat and show off lol~ Some did not even sweat XD