Back from Europe!

Yup I do believe that I have left this blog long enough. Not that I was doing it intentionally but rather I was sent overseas for some work related matters (despite the disbelief of many) over the week and finally I have recovered long enough to continue writing on ye olde blog!

[TehTarikDrinker in Germany!]

Over the past week I was going around the beautiful sights and sounds of Berlin Germany which I have a billion story to tell. I'm almost done compiling all the pictures that I took so look forward to see back to back post coming in from this site throughout the week. In the mean time, a photo to prove that the geek in me couldn't resist to pose with a giant gun when the chance actually came.

[All I need now is a horde of zombies, evil orcs or even green pigs to shoot down!]

Keep an eye on this space :D!

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