Astro B.Yond IPTV Hollywood and Celebrities Night Party!

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So, it is no secret that the Teh Tarik Drinker loves to go nuts when it comes to event parties, which you can derive from my previous post. However I am ashamed to admit that I have been lacking on that department a little bit over the past couple of months and I have no excuse at all behind this.

[Astro B.yond IPTV Hollywood Party @Solaris!]

So when the opportunity arises from our dear friends in Nuffnang with their latest Hollywood themed party organised together with Astro, I couldn't resist the chance to attend! As per usual I could only take one person from me legion of TeamTehTarik (who evidently are equally crazy about dressing up as well) but of course the default decision would have to go with my ever loyal partner Miss Ave T.

As per how we always do it, we started to deliberate with what we would go as for this party. I was against the idea of coming as a celebrity on the pure basis that I would only be restricted to a lounge suit and she would have all the fun in the world, thus agreeing that we would come as a movie character. 

Then comes the difficult part which was of course who shall we go up as. My creative mind started to suggest to Ave on several ideas, mainly Silk Spectre or even Wonder Woman but of course I couldn't guarantee that I will stop smiling the entire night if she did that. So, we decided that since Captain America: the First Avenger just came out, we figured that would be the most recognizable characters among the lot. Captain America and his sweetheart, Peggy Carter. 

And this is how we turned up as

   [Captain America and Peggy Carter!]

Our journey for the event itself was not marred with some drama and difficulties. With hardly any knowledge on how to actually get to the place (we had our event at Solaris Mont Kiara), we took MORE THAN AN HOUR to actually reach the place. By the time we arrived, everyone was already there and having dinner while some parts of the event already started. If there was any intention for us to arrive and blend in to the crowd, we kinda blew it big time.

As we were stepping in the event, Miss Ave T was already nervous as hell, constantly asking why is she in this time and time again. As we approached the party, people we starting to notice our costumes and boy we had one hell of a reception!

Everybody was coming in to check out the costume and we had a blast taking pictures with everyone! Some even tried to knock on the shield to see how strong it was, I had Sdr. Eyriqazz to throw a punch on me to see if Captain America can take a body punch and we had so many people taking pictures with us! One thing for sure though it wasn't just us dressing up for the night and we tried to take as many as we could that night! Cue picture list!

With Adam C, our awesome host for the night. He claims that he is a huge comic geek. Didn't believe him until he demonstrated his comic-siklopedia knowledge. Looks like famous celebrities are geeks after all!

Sdr. Eyriqazz, who managed to cover two halloween events in one night including this one. What a champ!

Nicholas as Mr. Worldwide, Pitbull! Asked him to do a little reggaeton rap for us, he declined politely.

We also had our set of costumes from the all time trilogy legend (yeah I said it) Star Wars!

Chewie asked if I wanna rub his big furry belly. I declined politely...

Superhero pose with Princess Leia for the night!

One of the things I realized with the awesome outfit was that it does have a few drawbacks, which I had to find out the hard way:

1. the suit is a one piece suit which mean there is no way in hell I could go to the bathroom THE ENTIRE NIGHT because I couldn't reach the zipper at the back.

2. Malaysia's weather is not really a forgiving one for a suit like this.

3. The boots I am wearing is actually 2 size smaller than my actual feet size. Imagine the pain.

4. Slightly hard to see through the holes of the mask. Hence the bumping into things...

Now back to the pics!

With the Faboulous Marilyn Monroe and Avril Lavigne!

Jai reprising his role as the legend, P. Ramlee

Red Riding Hood even had a hand in making her own costume! Awesome!

Inside the Astro Byond shop!

One of the impressive things that you can find with the new Astro B.Yond IPTV is the impressive new features that they can promise. Much faster internet connection then their competitors at 30mbps, Video on Demand (VOD) which is a feature that you can enjoy in most inflight movies nowadays, recordable show which means that I would never ever miss my usual session of How I Met your Mother or Big Bang Theory episodes from now on! Honestly with these features in place, I am actually quite impressed with how they are now stepping their game up a notch, rather than just being a conventional "pay-tv" service provider!

Soon enough, we were relocated to another spot somewhere in Solaris (much to my pain) to commence the prize giving ceremony for the best slogan as well as the ever anticipated best dressed prize for the night! One of the reason why a lot of people are anticipating for this is because of the prize, which I'll mention later on in the post.

Once we were there, I realized there were more people who were dressed up. Joy!

I couldn't stop laughing watching the Christmas-Halloween hybrid tree! 

And so, the moment of truth came and they started announcing the top 5 of each category for the best dressed. Surprising enough, WE BOTH GOT SELECTED FOR THE TOP 5 FROM EACH CATEGORY!

Miss Ave T strutting her stuff!

However I had a different idea for my pose!

Once each finalist had a run of strutting their own stuff, we had to wait for the judges to collaborate. In the mean time we had more people taking pictures with us, some for an honorable mention. I had a pair of brother and sister aged around 9 ish that came up to take a picture with us, one dressed as a Power Ranger and the other as Snow White! Another boy wanted to take pictures with me but he wanted to hold the shield. Problem was that the shield was too big for him so I got him to hold on to the shield while I hoisted him up on my arms! Booyah!

Once the results came in, I was nervous as hell. However, as I predicted, I lost out on the prize to a very worthy opponent. 

Lady Gaga stole the show for the male best costume!
I've said it once before, it is impossible to beat a man with a razzle dazzle dress for an event like this, even with the Shield of Justice!

However despite my loss, we got ourselves a surprising comeback news!


Yay for TeamTehTarik!!!!

For winning this, Miss Ave T managed to haul back (actually I did most of the hauling of the prize into the car....) home a Sony Bravia BX32 flat screen TV!!! So you can imagine the smiles on our faces when we were going home after the event.

All in all I had such a great time during the event itself and I had so much opportunity to catch up with so many bloggers that night. To all those that really supported our costumes that night, I do thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for making it one hell of the night. Even though I didn't win, having all that fun with all them bloggers is worth me dressing up for the night! Much thanks to the good people of Astro and Nuffnang for organizing a great event and giving this lunatic of a blogger another chance to get all dressed up again!

As for those that have a post on this event, please please please do leave your links on the comments, I WILL PAY THE SITE A VISIT! I would love to see your take on the event itself!

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  1. You two are always the sweetest couple ever and when it comes to this kind of events, you guys definitely bring back something awesome. I remembered she won something from Vaseline Party as well right? :DDDDD So happy for the two of you! Btw, your costume rocks. Don't think someone who be daring enough to wear that  HAHA

  2. Goshhh!! nice dress up dude! =D

  3. Aiseh, not bad what bro, you do the the hauling-into-car thingy but EPL weekends will never be the same now. Win-win ma.

  4. Lady Gaga aka RawlinsOctober 30, 2011 at 10:44 PM

    Love what you wrote! Hope to see you again in the near future!

  5. Cool party! Looking at the photos, I think you were robbed!! Totally should have won...

  6. Cool party! Looking at the photos, I think you were robbed!! Totally should have won...

  7. Sharidawati ShahrudinOctober 31, 2011 at 12:53 AM

    nice attire!!!! tak menang pun tak apa, asalkan glamour. worth it!!

  8. Wow! best plak tgk jadi captain america


    why no pic with me :(

  10. What would you had done with 2 TVs? one for the loo? lols...anywayz great job on the costumes! where did you get them? and awesome event^^ i have astro beyond too ^^

  11. I thought that both of you will grab the TVs back home.. You guys rocked the show..!!!

  12. Haha..salah eventlah bro gua pergi..hehe..Hardluck for not winning the contest..memang tak puas hati bro..penat wehh gua jerit..cehhh

  13. Wah, you looked nice in Captain America's suit. :)

  14. peggy carter memang owesome..! tak sempat plk take pic with her.. congratz to both of u.. btw, u look good too.. ;)

  15. Woot! Congrats to Miss Ave T for winning that TV :) Sorry for not bumping your shield, I promise to say HI if we ever bump into each other again :D

  16. thank you so much for your kind words! yeah she has been pretty lucky with events like this, I'm just here to look silly and take picstures with everyone! hahaha!

  17. thanks bro! you shuold have come!

  18. Haha thanks man! yah as if she gonna let me watch them football on that thing. its chick flick avenue allthe way from here bro...

  19. same here! it was real nice to meet you!

  20. haha thanks bro! but nevertheless I had loads of fun that night so it was worth it!

  21. haha thanks bro! but nevertheless I had loads of fun that night so it was worth it!

  22. setuju! plus ramai gile org ambik gambar so mmg enjoy sakan!

  23. hahah agak gile gakla. awal2 tu segan gak la nak jalan2 pakai costume!

  24. because of the thing we discussed. sekian! :D

  25. hahah I never really thought of that possibility but one is good enuff since I get to enjoy it too!

    Looking forward for you to come down to KLville for the next event!

  26. hahah thanks bro! I still had huge fun though so in the end was worth every penny! :D

  27. takpe bro, ko punye support aku mmg terasa! next time kita buat team costume! 

  28. thanks so much! :D

  29. you weren't there?

  30. hahah takpe next time mesti ade can ambik gambar sesama!

  31. thank you so much! I really hope you're feeling better!

  32. Sharidawati ShahrudinNovember 1, 2011 at 2:21 AM

    alamak myself je tak sempat nak berpose dgn u on that nite...such a waste kan? huhu

  33. Nicely written! Hope you'll win the home theatre system.

    colourless opinions™

  34. Much thanks brother!

  35. cayalah bro, shouldve won.

  36. thanks so much bro! :D

  37. one of the coolest event with Nuffnang.... oh ya, eden ambil satu gambar tu bro...dah kreditkan juga...

    next time kena pakai costume..the experience tu memang terasa kelainan..hik3..