Police Then and Police Now

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Mind the slight angry tone to this post, as the unexpectable has just happened...

Just last night I had to endure a very painful ordeal that really cheesed off my mood for the entire day today. Unfortunately I got myself into a pile up accident which kinda left The Phantom aka "Fatoush" in a really bad state. Seriously breaks my heart to see the current state of the car...

However what I would want to talk about is way more important than just my car. For years and years, we have heard about how people talk about the way the Malaysian Police are handling things nowdays, with issues of police brutality, corruption within the force, and other illegal activities that are done by the police. Question is, why do we write such things?

Last night while I was with the guy who got into the accident with me, I was at the police station and unfortunately, like everytime I make my way to the police station, they never seem to fail in making you feel like you are a criminal in that vicinity. Aggresive behaviour, very slow services and at some point even using scare tactics when it comes to explaining on how the procedure of the police goes about. Now in that whole time I was in the police station I kept thinking to myself, has it always been like this?

I am proud to say that I come from a family line that has proudly served as the nation's law enforcement for generations. My great-grandfather Md Yassin served through his ranks proudly as a police office back in the days in Singapore until his dying days, serving both the British colonial as well as the country for so many days. I have heard so many stories about him from my dad on how he fought hand in hand with the British forces in so many situations, kinda leaves a proud moment. for me to hear everytime.

I remembered my Grampa Ahmad Md Yassin who also served as a policeman in his lifetime, was a quiet yet strict man when I was growing up. I remembered in every corner of his house were pictures of him in his uniform, proudly showing his badges of honour of his services in the force. He was a man that hardly said much but from the glimmer of his eyes and the stories of his accomplishments I knew that he proudly served his duty, compromising nothing at all. In fact, he even served during the same time with the guys that were killed during the Bukit Kepong incident in 1950.

My uncle Sylvester served as a police officer proudly in the rural estates of Sabah throughout his years and until today he talks to me proudly on what he used to do during his time as an officer. Until today I still love to hear his stories on how he used to make his rounds with his buddies durign the perilous times of the early stages when Sabah and Sarawak was just about to join Malaysia and even during his days guarding high rank officials of Sabah.

Hence one would imagine my fury when until recently, where the heroic services of the fallen men in Bukit Kepong was questioned by a politican Vice President as I would feel that by questioning the sacrifices made by those people are pretty much undermining those that have served in my family which does get me into a fit sometimes...

Coming back to the situation today, would we say the same thing in reference to the police serving in the modern times? Everyday we hear people screaming and protesting on unfair treatment that is done by the police and I am not surprised. It is unfortunate that some may have taken a "high-and-mighty" attitude over the uniform that they wear and misuse the power that comes with the responsibility as a police officer. For how long would we have to hear about incompetant police works and misuse of power reported every single day and we continue to complain in regards of this?

Please don't get me wrong that I am not referring this post to each and every police officer out there. I am sure that majority of them are good police officers, two of my closest cousins are now serving proudly as senior police officers in KL and they sure as hell didn't make it up there easily. These people a good men, honest and trusty kampung guys who made it in their ranks the hard and proud way. Unfortunately it is those that misuses the honor that comes with the badge that I put into question. It is about time that you really serve the uniform for what its worth.

I guess for police officers out there who are complacently serving their ranks without pride and honor as they should have just remember the legacy that people like my grandparents have left behind and remember what our generation should continue to uphold.

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  1. I guess it happens because everybody (civilians and police alike) are "used to it" already. Not saying there's a problem with the whole force, just most of them. LOL

  2. hmmm. yeah. but it is really hard to change those rotten apples. is like we can't do anything to help.

  3. i just wish that there will be a time that mentality will change...

  4. i know right. something surely can be done