Manchester United vs. Chelsea : A Match of Stories!

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Throughout the entire weekend, I had a long trip up to Langkawi for a much needed "recharge session" after so many things that has happened in the past couple of weeks. I had the opportunity to have several members of TeamTehTarik to come along with me for the trip but I'll leave that story to be told for tomorrow!

However even with the trip, it didn't really stop me from being able to catch the game last night (hardly even have time to watch nowadays because of work schedule) and boy was I glad I managed to do so! As most people would know, usually I don't really give my opinons on a match except for ones like this!

[Clash of Giants]

First of lets look at the results of the game, this was a big one for us as we romped into a 5 game winning streak into the season, thumping two of the list of "big boys" in the league already. Speedy goal from Chris Smalling, a crackerjack of a goal from outside the box from the in-form winger Nani and a tumble in play for Chelsea defenders that resulted in a poaching Rooney to chalk his goal scoring streak this season resulted to a pain wrecking game for supporters in blue.

[The flip is back!]

[A quickfire from the giant!]

For once, we are now seeing what we have missed in several seasons in our team, the discipline and tactical harmony within the team that really did allow United to dominate during the first half of the game itself. Some of the highlights that are worth the mention from the game last night was the fluid passing that was shown by the team, even with the likes of Phil Jones and Chris Smallings making their runs into the third sector of the field to contribute tp the attack of the game. We even saw the gelling partnership between Rooney and Hernandez that saw a tight strikeforce that was aparent in the team before in the 1998/99 season.

Now comes the contreversial highlights of the game....

Never did I thought a game of this stature will come up with so many interesting events that happened in the game itself so I'm going to break it from on at at the time.

First we have Mr El Nino himself in the game. First we thought Fernando Torres was again going to fluff his goals in yet another lackluster display of misses and rue chance. However right after the start of the second half, he started to pounce like a cheetah on roids. Looking more and more like his old form again after the first goal, I was starting to get worried about him jumping around causing much problems in the back line.

Until he did this:

[Biggest miss of the season for sure!]

What was deemed as the howler of the century by a lot of pundits, he managed to miss an open goal with about 20 yards of distance somehow, with the camera panning the shocking dissapointment on the face of all the Chelsea supporters in the stadium. For shame.

And then you have this, usually this man would never ever ever ever ever ever ever be in a slippery situation like this before. But by a cruel twist of fate he managed to kick his own leg while taking a penalty that would have increase the lead of the team to 4 goals. No idea how this would have happened but I am guessing that this would be karma for me after all the years of paying out and making fun of Chelsea after that slippery incident that happened in that one Champions League final.

[Careful there...]

Sigh the irony...

Nevertheless this is a boost for the boys that we have been waiting for many years and I do believe that it came at the best time possible. Now maybe we are ready to face those noisy neighbours in baby blue after all...

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