A Happy 28th TehTarik Birthday!

This is when it gets slightly embarassing, considering the amount of things that was needed to settle in during the last one month, I would have to backdate a few of my posts for this week, which should give me enough material to write for the entire week. Unfortunately due to the lack of pictures being processed in time, I have to admit that the timeline of the posts may not be concurrent to the actual happenings of the event.

[Yup that old...]

And so in comes and goes another birthday for lil ol me, and despite my blog post ramblings of my 27th Birthday, I was really looking forward for this one to be honest.

Some may say that this would be the turn for the worse in your twenties for most people and some may argue that at this age is when you actually hit the start of the peak of your life, which of course comes with the added pressure of achieving more during this time of my life.

So how has things changed since the last time I rambled during my birthday in my blog? I have gained a little weight since the last time, worked in two different places and now loving my workspace, relationship has hit some rocks here and there but stronger than ever, made a few revelations to change myself into a more "serious, corporate mode" me, going golfing more often now, may have slacked a little bit when it comes to maintaining this blog, went to several competitions and made a fool of myself for the sake of it online, made up with lost time with some friends, travelled more often now (partly due to work) and have made a few huge decisions when it comes to my family and friends.

This year is going to be an awesome year.

Many thanks to the well wishes for my birthday! :D

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  1. WAhhh...Happy Belated Hari Tua bro..hehe

  2. happy 38th birthday bro...opps..28 bitrthday..bila mau kahwin ni?

  3. selamat ulang tahun kelahiran.. wah usia dah bertambah .. hidup bila lagi nak bertambah jadi 2 ni.. hehehe


  4. hepy belated birthday. :p