Gotcha of Prime Ministrial Proportions!

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Was scrumminging through the papers for the business section for today's task at the office and I stumble across this. Seems that our PM also needs to get his prank on every now and then!


I didn't believe it either at first but I caught a glimpse of the gotcha while driving to work earlier and sure enough the whole thing was there! One of the reasons why they managed to get the PM to join in the fun was because for many months they have been trying and failing miserably on getting their manager Jakeman who has a notorious reputation of being too cool in the station.

[Jake with Kenny]

Guess this one did it eh? Suddenly I feel that this almost equals to Barrack's rant towards Kanye incident before!

You go Mr Prime Minister!

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  1. I heard it too!! Super epic I tell ya! ahaha~ The PM sounds a bit less intimidating and a bit more cool! 

  2. It was probably the first time I've ever heard the PM's voice. HAHA. But it would've been more epic if he DEMANDED that his son gets a slot on The whole gotcha was too cool and calm in my opinion.