[ADV] A Teh Tarik Cadbury Dedication!

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So far I know I have been doing some of the most outrageous things in past for whatever reason that I can come up with. However at this point I am in a slight point of dilemma. I may be running out of ideas of what else to do for my blog and I need something crazy quick. Reason behind this is because my 2nd year anniversary with Miss Ave T is coming up and at the moment I am honestly stuck with ideas!

To make matters worse, I do have a very high bar of standard that I have to follow. As to most of y'all that have been following my posts in the past, my credentials of "nut-job-things" that I have done for my anniversary in the past includes me attempting to cover one of her favorite song (check out the post HERE) as well as a series of travelling that we have done together in the past. Therefore the question still beckons, what exactly can I do this year?
Fortunately for me I had the good people of Cadbury to help me out of this jam that I am facing at the moment. They helped me out to come up with one of the most outrageous idea that I have ever done !

The idea behind it is very simple: we were to come up with the most elaborated surprise performance for Miss Ave T outside in public!

Although this might sound like a simple enough idea but we were facing two major problems with this. Firstly, even though that this is not the first time I actually performed in the past but I have never ever did a dedication performance in public before so you can only imagine the stage jitters at this point. Secondly, Miss Ave T have a knack in always being able to guess what I am going to do so shooting her with a surprise performance of this magnitude is going to be a rather daunting task!

[Station One SS15]

After weeks of discussion and preparation, we were set to go on the day of the performance itself. We decided to go for Station One in SS15 Subang Jaya for the whole thing as we use to hang out there often during the early days of our dating period (especially during our student days) as well as the accessibility of the location itself. So thus, the stage is set....

[The Cadbury Happiness Crew making their first briefing on site]

[Purple and Gold Galore!]

How this is going to pan out was very simple. The performance itself will be done by me and TeamTehTarik resident music blogger, ShazK whom I managed to roped in for this will be hiding somewhere away from the restaurant itself while she will be distracted by The Cadbury Happiness Crew who will be doing the introductions of the night. 

[Cadbury Happiness Crew in action!]

We also have a magician from the Cadbury Happiness Crew to distract her with some magic trick up his sleeve while we make our grand entrance!

[Magician rehearsing some of his tricks]

[Sound check before the performance...]

[...which obviously he didn't do right! sheesh!]

[One full run of the song before the performance]

So, practice was all done and now its the final moment before the event. With me and ShazK hiding with out mobile stage somewhere near Canai cafe, we waited for her arrival and instructions for our get go! If you guys are wondering why am I so high up on a stage for this performance, basically I decided to go even more outrageous by performing on a stage that is built on a four wheeler truck! You'll see it in a short while!

[She's heeeeerrrrrrreeeee.....]

[Cadbury Happiness Crew hitting the show!]

[ Miss Ave T and the rest of TeamTehTarik are still enjoying the show]

[She started getting suspicious when one of the tricks were intended for her and she was suddenly given a gift from me! XD]

Throughout the entire night, the Cadbury Happiness Crew were not giving out any clues to her as to what was going on but bit by bit she started to relate some of the jokes into describing about me and her and finally a magic trick that was presented specifically for her.

It was then I made my grand entrance!

["omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg!" that's me arriving at the background with the truck!]

For most of you guys that have yet to guess it, we arrived posing on a platform that was attached on top of a Mitsubishi Storm. If it wasn't funny enough for us to do this on top of a truck that was colored as purple as Barney the dinosaur with gold and purple balloons on it, we were literally blasting some of Miss Ave T's favorite BackStreet Boys Greatest Hits as performed by the awesome singer of Cadbury Hapiness Crew next to me at all time! Rejoice!

[Purple Party Time!]

[Our very own Cadbury Mobile!]

[This time around she really didn't see it coming!]

So for the song, someone gave me an awesome song selection (which will be mentioned in a later date) which basically highlights the general gist of our relationship so far. I decided to cover JRA By Chance (You and I) as the song for the night and I was left hoping that she was going to love it.

[Me belting out the number!]

and the result?

[very overwhelming!]

[Of course I came down and got on my knees, and this moved her to bits!]

[She was definitely touched. Success!!!]

[we even had the Fluffy DooWops to come back and give an encore performance with me!]

Quite honestly I didn't realize that the entire night was going to come up with such excellent result as we managed to get everything done according to plan. Despite some hiccups during the planning leading up to the performance time, I was happy everything went according to plan.

But it wasn't over yet! :D

[Getting grilled during the interview...]

[A job well done I hope?]

Before the night ended I wanted to give something more personal to Miss Ave T for our anniversary this year so I decided to make a giant book with all of our most memorable pictures leading up to this day and yes you guessed it, the good people of Cadbury made it happen again!

[We've got a book this big! Rawrs!]

All in all I am damn glad that everything went according to plan and even better than I can imagine it to be. I suppose in the end of the day all I wanted was to show to Miss Ave T that I appreciate the happiness we have shared together for the past 2 years so far and I would love to see what else are we going to go through together in the future.

Of course none of this would have been made possible if it wasn't for the people in Cadbury that really made it happen and quite honestly I have them to thank for that. This is by far the one of the best thing that I have ever done so far for my anniversary and I have Cadbury to thank for this. This is just to show how far they are willling to go to make this happiness dedication happen for me! :D

but wait...


If you think that this crazy idea of mine that I just did for Miss Ave T is something that you would want to do as well or even think that you can do it better than I did, well here's the good news...


Right now Cadbury Malaysia will be launching their brand new contest called the Cadbury Dairy Milk Share the Happiness contest where you can submit your dedication ideas and surprises and stand a chance for you to get those dedications realised! It can be any ideas, be it a surprise performance (like yours truly), bachelor parties, anniversaries, any act of appreciation, you name it and sure enough they will make it happen!

All you gotta do is go to their Facebook page at CadburyMalaysiaFacebook! starting from 19 Sept - 16 Oct, start submitting your dedications there as soon as you can! I honestly believe that there are more creative ideas to be dedicated out there waiting for an opportunity like this to come by so this is the time for you guys to do it! I would honestly love to see what you guys can come up with so get those creative juices running people!

What are you waiting for? Make it happen people! :D

Wanna see how they made my dedication happen? Check out the video below!

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