Time's Up for Sir Alex Ferguson?

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Finally it is good to  be able to go back to blogging, as the entire Ramadhan month this year has been an extremely hectic time for me at work, with all the travelling at stake. Nevertheless the holidays is coming in soon which means you guys are set to see the amount of nonsense that I'm planning to write in the next couple of weeks (including some "never-been-done-before"' video covers!).

[The Legend - Sir Alex Ferguson]

I have to admit that there has been a lot of catching up to do, since that the "familiar old mistress/husband stealer/ fiance nabber / boyfriend nabber" is back in town. Once again the entire blogosphere would be buzzing with the bustling news of the English Premiership Football games week in and out (I am sure to appreciate the weekly reports of United 's performance from Joshua's blog!).

However upon my return, I stumbled upon a discussion of a slightly different theory in regards of the shape of Manchester United's lineup from this season.

Could this be a sign of the end for Sir Alex's reign?


From my discussions with a few of my buddies over my long over due tehtarik session, we realised that the different outlook of players that we have for United this season seem to point to the direction that we are now rebuilding the squad set for future to come. The very likes of young players like Tom Cleverly, David De Gea as well as new purchases that seem to focus more on the younger players than before. Traditionally, United has put their primary focus on players that has already made a large impact in the game BEFORE joining United.

However with the large investment being made towards much younger, unknown players in the picture, I wold have to argue that this could be the indication that we have been dreading from him that it might be time for someone else to take the realm in the United managerial section. A last hurrah before leaving, ensuring that the generation after his departure would still have the quality and strength to be as dominant as they have been for the past many years.

Not that we have never heard this before, with a long list of him hinting retirement before making a dramatic U-Turn on that decision. We all remember the date that was cited back in the 2001/2002 season which he declared that he will be leaving the post after the season. We were again rocked by another speculation that he was going to leave at the end of season 2009/2010 however decided that he will not leave at the time of United's downfall. However what could be the most dauting hint would be the most recent claims of his departure.

[United Young New Signings]

After his successful campaign in the UEFA Cup 2007/2008 season, he mentioned that he will be making his exit within the next three years in the club, which will be the end of this season. Couple that speculation with the number of young signings and young players already making a statement in the first team line up, one would defininately have to concede to the sinking feeling that we are about to lose our gaffer for the team.

[The team that people thought was too young...]

Then again there is still some silver lining over these speculations. Some highlighted that this was merely to shadow United's squad renewal as was done back in 1990, which produced what was the first early revolution of United's modern day domination. Some say that by making these young purchases is to merely counter the over infalted prices over players these days and breaking the trend of getting uber expensive players in the squad. Some even say that perhaps it is the pressure that is given to United to develop the young talents of English footballers rather than focusing too much on foreign players.

Regardless of the arguments that you would side on, as a Devil I would hope that he wouldn't leave. To most of us supporters we view him as Superman and he will be the manager forever. But we are not that naive to think that even Superman would have to leave his cape one day...

[The Living Legend]

update: read him denying the rumours of his retirement HERE

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  1. i wish he doesnt leave too, but the time will come one day..
    about signing young players - i think it's reasonable because nowadays, good established players cost a bomb!

  2. I love Man Utd... :D

  3. Maybe within 2-3 years down the road. Sir Alex would go as far as Sir Bobby Robson, build this new generations dan leave when they are mature enough to win by themselves.