The Great Legend of Chuck Norris

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This is the thing when it comes to being at work during the end days of coming to the holidays, most people are not here, its real hard to even communicate with people outside of office because they decided to take an early day leave from work, henceforth most of the time we are looking at the productivity level of an asthmatic snail running a marathon.

[I can't imagine if this got casted...]

Nevertheless, I stumbled into my list of the many legendary facts of Chuck Norris that was stored in my computer in the past. If you don't know about the legend that is Chuck Norris, there was a speculative rumor of his greatness many years back, due to the fact that he personifies greatness. With that, they came about with a list of reasons why you don't mess about with Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris Fact List

Chuck Norris is what Willis is talking about

When someone is in trouble, it is a job for Superman. When Superman is in trouble, its a job for Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris is the 4th level of Inception

Chuck Norris invented the Old Spice Guy

Chuck Norris can watch DVD on a VCR player

The band  Survivor changed their orginal song title from "Eye of Chuck Norris" to "Eye of the Tiger" because no one can survive Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris actually died 10 years ago. Its just that Death haven't got the courage to tell him yet...

In Scrabble, if you spell CHUCKNORRIS, you instantly win

Chuck Norris once roundhouse kicked Leonidas into the Pit Hole

Scientist once calculated the speed of Chuck Norris's roundhouse kick. That speed is now know as "lightspeed"

Chuck Norris makes Mission Impossible.... possible

At first you don't succeed, obviously you are not Chuck Norris

When the Boogeyman goes to sleep, he checks underneath the bed for Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris is the only one that can touch MC Hammer

Chuck Norris introduced two boys to a guitar. Those boys grew up as Jimi Hendrix and Eddie van Halen

Chuck Norris has never won an Oscar. They are too scared to nominate him for something they call "acting"

Chuck Norris listens to sign language songs

Chuck Norris can destory the Ring in Lord of the Rings by just staring at it

Chuck Norris pepper sprays his food to spice things up

Chuck Norris once had a pet monkey. His name was King Kong

Chuck Norris can believe its butter

Chuck Norris knows all the 11 secret herbs and spices

Chuck Norris is banned from Disneyland, because they want to keep it the happiest place on earth

Chuck Norris never locks his car. The car locks itslef, fearing he will get back in

Chuck Norris can watch radio

The hardest material on earth are not diamonds, but rather Chuck Norris's fist

There are three kinds of death: slow and paiful, fast and quick, Chuck Norris.

Again this is what happens when you get bored in the office before and start giggling while compling a list of awesome stuff about Chuck Norris. Perhaps from his persona alone, they can never be a more hardcore action man in comparison to Chuck Norris.

[Or so we thought?]

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  1. Last time i had a toy of Chuck Norris.. can tekan tekan dia tumbuk tumbuk orang one..

  2. Chuck Norris is Legandary bro :)

  3. Omg, I was talking about the legend of Chuck Norris with my hsemate like, 3 days ago! Freaky! But anyway, if you don't know this, I suggest u give it a try.

    1) Go to google
    2) Type in "Find Chuck Norris"
    3) Click "I'm feeling lucky"

    What u'll get is Google actually stating "Google doesnt search for Chuck Norries because it knows you dont find Chuck Norris, he finds you" LOL!

    The Google suggestions at the bottom of the page killed me. You should defo give it a try! XD!

  4. Love this. I think they made a "facts list" like this about Tamil movie star Rajinikath too. I personally feel it fits him better too because although I don't watch Tamil movies, I do know that Rajinikanth movies are way more absurd (go youtube). Here's some of the many facts: