GPlusMY Laser Tag Tournament!

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Its been a while since I posted on an activity from our GPlusMY group. Blame should be on my shoulders and I am trying to make amends to it. So for this time we decided to go indoors with our activity however it does not mean that we were going to tone down on the intensity of the activity (for those not following this, do check out the rest of GPlusMY activities on my post and you can understand why...).

[This time around, we went and hit the Laser Tag Arena!!!]

Made popular in the hit series How I Met Your Mother, we decided to get some of the members and join a laser tag tournament. For those who are still not in the loop of what I am talking about (so not legendary...), laser tag is basically a team event played in a circuit arena, where you are armed with a laser pointer gun thingy and a chest plate on your chest. For those who are a little more geeky, imagine a real life CounterStrike  Arena, with laser guns!

There area various mode of plays that are available for laser tag, for this competition organised by the good people of Galactic Laser Mid Valley, required each team to capture the opponent's flag as frequent as possible within a set period of time. Sounds simple enough? Thats what I thought at first...

[Briefing before the storm]

[Going through some rules and regulations]

[The Championship Trophy!]

Basically we had about 7 teams competing that day, including some teams that have been competing in this game before as well as three blogger groups under Nuffnang. Some of the teams had a lot of tenacity within them which really do gave the rest the "heeby-jeebies" and pursuant to that we too had to counter the same tenacity from our own team.

Unfortunately, that didn't really happen for us....

[Introducing... THE FLAMING FERRETS!]

Enter a team of out of shape, geeky bloggers who, except for one member, had completely zero experience in laser tag. Looking back again, I was basically panting the entire time trying to gasp every last breath I can take while trying to chase after a little girl who basically ran like a bat out of hell when seeing my slow ass moving...

Regardless, we tried to coordinate our strategy and tactics before the match. That too ended in utter misery. More on that below...

[With Fresh our friendly GPlusMY advisor. Tried to rope her in the team but after the fiasco from our roller disco event, she gave me the killer look...]

Once done, each team were required to go up against every other team with a league style match. The top four teams will then proceed to the semis and finally the finals. Once understood, we were ushered into what we believe would be the death weapons we will be using against each other. Very dramatic indeed.

[That danger sign made it look far scarier than it should...]

[Laser Weapon Suited Up!]

[Arena -o-Death!]

So how exactly did the mighty Flaming Ferrets approached this was simple. We devised a few game plans that later on evolved throughout the competition and gave really cool names to it (even though it never did worked that well...)

"Flaming Ferret Jump the Wall" tactic
Basically how this one works is simple: get two guys to attack coordinately while the other three defended the flag while backing the front two as well. This went well, until we realized we were not that fit enough to run back and forth to our flag.

"Banzai" tactic
For this, we decided to go for a more attacking approach. Get one guy to run towards the enemy, scream as loud as possible to distract their attention while the other two try to grab the flag from a long distance shot. Several approved shouts were "BANZAI!" or "CHARGE!" or even the traditional "BBBLLLAAAAAAARRRGGGHHPPHHHTTTT!". This worked for a while for us until the opponent realized the person in front was not intimidating at all, just a dude running, screaming and flapping his arms at the same time.

The "Don't try to be a hero" tactic
As we approached to our middle game, we realized a Rambo styled attack is necessary for this so we made a 4 pronged attack, with two people attacking from each side and one person defending the flag. This is when we realized we needed sharp shooters for this tactic, which we don't have.

Halfway to this competition, we decided that we had no shot of playing fair at this competition therefore we do what we do best when playing first person shooter games: initiate the cheat tactics! We decided to collaborate with the other blogger team to add in another person in our team, therefore adding a new dimension to our strategy, while the rest "may or may not" shout instructions from the visitors gallery. It was brilliant. From this, we came up with two more tactics:

"Camping Mid, Destroy Uncle" tactic
While we tried to attack with 5 players to the flag, we had one guy on the higher grown sniping his way through and prevented those that was attacking from above. 

The "GameShark" tactic
This works best with a much stronger opponent. First is to get everyone to attack, capture a flag and literrally hide the guy somewhere quietly while the rest defended the base like a mad man. A very cowardly tactic but still gave us a shot to fight another day.

[Nuffnang Laser Shooters!]

Alas, the fate of the Flaming Ferrets were not meant to be as we were one win short of breaking it to the semis. Regardless, we had one hell of a fight and sure enough, we had one hell of a good time. Honestly I would recommend anyone out there to give this a shot as it would literally blow your mind on how fast paced this game is. However those who are going to try out the tactics above, I initiate a disclaimer first that although it may bring 100% guarantee of really funny incidents in the match, it may not be the best tactics to follow for competition based games! 

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  1. Nice game against you guys! We keep bumping into each other at the reactor area. haha. But I agree, it was definitely a dead tiring game. My muscles still sore until today! :|

  2. I've always wanted to try laser tag ever since I watch HIMYM! It sure looks fun :D Everyone looks so serious in the flaming ferrets group photo except clevermunkey :P 

  3. we did well bro! nice playing with u guys... *legs still sore now :(

  4. played once at i-city.. was fun! haha..

  5. it is such a craze match and I am exhausted . . . I think I rather have Tourney Style . . . not League style. My Leg today still sore (Wednesday) lol

  6. wow.that's cool. I've never heard about laser tag before this.