Women World Cup Final 2011 : USA vs Japan

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At this moment I am still recurperating as well as sorting out the pictures from my recent trip in Germany. Nevertheless, while I was there there was a lot of hype among the people, which is why I realised that I was in the middle of the Women World Cup 2011 held in Germany.

I do realise that the event would not usually generate that much interest among football fans especially here in Malaysia, but as I was saying to some of my equally football crazed German colleagues, we'd watch anything during football off season...

However one of the things that really surprised me while I was there was that the support that was coming in from the sport was quite good, especially from the American and German supporters. A lot of people were buzzing on the event itself and it was no surprise when the Germans bowed out from the competition (unfortunately I was sitting in the middle of it in a restaurant in Munich while all this was happening) there were so many that were visibly upset from the news.

However the biggest upset ever in the competition quite deservingly came in the Finals of the competition. A bit of brief facts beforehand, the Americans are top seeded for the competition itself and are looking to walk out of the competition as clear favourites against their counterpart, ironically the Japanese. The Yanks, generating much support from their country as well as being a 2 time champion in the competition dwarfs a more modest Nadeshiko Japan who before this never even got to break past the group stage in previous competition. The result?

The Japanese beat the Americans on penalty.

[Visibly dejected Americans in the finals]

Clear indication that Fairytales do happen I believe....
Can't wait for regular season to start again...

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  1. congratulations to Japan Team :)

  2. I actually followed the Women's World Cup just out of curiosity. Japan deserved to win that match fully. Americans were very cocky with the way they took the penalties and also they had like a million chances to finish but didnt finish... Diff b/w men and women's football is Men know how to finish, Women meh.... its a bit boring - lots of poor passing and poorer finish to follow. Still lots of work to do