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Continuing on to my adventure in Deutschland, I've mentioned earlier in my previous post that I had the opportunity to travel in two separate towns in Germany, one being Munich featured in my previous post.


[In front of the Heilig-Geist-Spital, the middle age floating hospital of Nurenberg]

Since I spent most of my time here in Nurnberg, I had the opportunity to learn more about this town and its history to the Germans. Considered as the old administrative capital of the country, due to the surrounding mountains and distance from sea, the town has been considered a cultural and political hub since the turn of the early 15th century. Having some of the original buildings still standing despite surviving several major wars and wear and tear of age, one can really see the charm in the town by simply walking around and taking pictures.

On first instance, one of the majestic views of the towns would be the large scale cathedrals, castles and medieval buildings that stands in the middle of the shopping area of the town. Unfortunately some of these buildings are closed for renovation and conservation purposes but the scale magnitude of these buildings really takes someone's breath away.

Take for example the St Lorenz Church located in the middle of the town square which showcases some of the most detailed works I have ever seen on a building. However the geek in me would usually take over in these situation, figuring out how fast can I climb this building ala Ezio Auditore from Assassins Creed 2....

Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to actually get inside the building to take pictures as I mentioned most of the buildings were still undergoing some restoration from damages in the past, particularly from the bombings of World War 2.

Some sights and sounds in Nurenberg centre:

I know that most of the time that you would see people singing, dancing or even playing a musical instruments at the side of the streets. This old man decided to balance himself on a bottle for about 5 minutes. Not kidding.

Piece of advice while walking around in the town of Nurenberg: wear really comfortable shoes. Due the fact that they retained the old school pavements from the past, its really uneven which can take a toll on them ankles..

One of my German colleagues recommended me to find this shop. Apparently they have a large range of traditional Bavarian clothing for men and women. If you are not familiar to why this costume is so famous, it was made popular especially during Oktoberfest. Especially the lederhosen for ladies....

Told ya. But not really for the guys though....

Short shorts and hairy men. Right.....

One of the really interesting thing that I saw was in the middle of the square where there was this gold plated fountain with a bunch of people surrounding it.

[The Gold Ring Fountain]

One of the things that my German colleagues in Malaysia didn't tell me was that this is actually the Gold Ring Fountain of Nurenberg, where the locals believed that if you were to touch the golden rings on this fountain three times, you would be blessed with good luck. One of my colleague even claimed that she touches the ring every single time before going to the exam hall in university in Nurenberg. And did I do the same? Nope...

There goes my good ju-ju....

The one last thing I would like to include in this post that really caught my eye was this building. Like I mentioned above that there are a lot of medieval buildings still standing in the town of Nurenberg and this one particular one was transformed into something quite unexpected.

This is actually a medieval weapons storage building that was used as a front watch area of the Castle Nurenberg. Since that back then the people that looked after or worked in the weapons factory actually stayed within the compound of the building, they still maintained the original buildings as they were before. As a result, they transformed the houses into small pubs, restaurants and even a miniature toy shop!

[Miniature toy shop!]

And so that concludes my posts on my trip to Germany. I do realize that there is a serious lack of my presence in my pictures but I suppose that is the drawback of going to trips by your lonesome. Perhaps I need to fix that real soon...

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  1. when i go on trips, my photos would lack my presense too.. coz i love to take photos of other things/scenes/objects rather than taking a pic with me in it.. well, unless it's some monumental thing that i MUST be in it :P

  2. shaddap u

  3. haha true i can see that in your pictures on your blog. I would rather wish to be in the pictures, come at least its proof i was actually there! :D