Ramadhan is Here!

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As the official announcement has been made, we Muslims will start our yearly practice of fasting from tomorrow onwards and I for one always look forward to it. Apart from the religious aspect of the practice (not really the most religious person among my peers) but also in the same time it does give me the perspective to detox myself of all the junk food and processed food that I have been consuming for the past one year.

On behalf of all the members of TeamTehTarik to all the Muslim readers out there, we would like to wish you guys a great month ahead during fasting month and hope it would be a enlightening one, as it was for me. One once told me that this would be the month that we would be able to reflect to ourselves fully as there will be no distractions of a callous whisper coming to our ears for the entire month.

Be good guys. He's not there to disturb you this month... :D

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  1. Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa .....bro....nanti boleh arrange majlis berbuka yea....

  2. Happy fasting, Teh Tarik! :D 

  3. Woh~! bazzar is everywhere. XD