Dentyne Terra-OKE Finale Show

<data:blog.pageName/> <data:blog.title/> <data:blog.pageTitle/> If you guys have been following this little ol blog of mine, for the past couple of weeks I have been writing up on a particular competition that TeamTehTarik have been participating over the past couple of weeks (read up onthe first part and the second part of the introductory write up here!). Over the past couple of weeks, TeamTehTarik member Shazz Rin and myself have been coming up with different videos each week and finally, we have come to the end of the competition which is where Shazz Rin is now required to perform a song LIVE!!!

[Shazz Rin in the Finals!]

For this final performance, we were required to come up with a performance to wow the crowd one last time and pursuant to the nature of how our group works, we decided to go with something different than what we have done before. We figured that over the past decade, we have seen that some of the greatest hits so far only used 4 chords to actually play. So we went around and compiled 16 of the greatest hits all time into one whole song and using... as mentioned above... only 4 chords! :D

[Shazz Rin and The TeamTehTarik Band!]

To achieve this, we decided to go with a band of our own and fortunately, we managed to rope in a long time friend and supporter of TeamTehTarik, Ash, who have been featured in several of my post particularly from my Pizza Hut Challenge post as Captain Cook! So we have Shazz Rin all set as the vocals, myself handling the guitar department and Ash holding on the fort from the keyboards.

So we made our way to the event itself real early, where they managed to set up a huge stage and party area in front of the E-Curve area where you can get the huge open air area with a lot of people. Much to our surprise that despite our event being a large scale event, so many other activities were also happening in the area as well. We had a story telling competition, the Malaysian Open Squash finals as well as a cosplay event happening in the building!

So as expected there were a bunch of people walking around the area which is a good thing for us since that for the final performance, we need to have the public to vote for us which will in the end contribute to the final point system.

Since that we had a bunch of equipment to handle, there were a bunch of testing and practice that we had to do while waiting for the entire event itself, which kinda make it slightly more difficult since the weather decided to turn for the worst a little bit.... Go figure when it comes to our luck in weather. However thankfully it was just a little drizzle so we got back to what we were doing then.

[Breakdances entertained us while waiting...]

It wasn't long before a lot of people started to crowd the area and naturally, some of the die hard supporters of Shazz Rin and the other contestants came around and showed their support for the competition. And they sure came in numbers and noises!

[Shazz Rin supporters are a bunch of rowdy ones for sure!]

While Shazz Rin was busy entertaining the pres, media and his legion of supporters, I decided to go around and snap some shots of the people being there, including the other contestants themselves!

Meet Keana Reinu, the youngest contestant among the final five and a hoot of a personality that comes with it! Despite her young age, her voice sure does bring a punch and not to mention some of the nicest videos created for the competition! Must take example of it...

Then we have the pint sized Nyna Zolkefli who managed to dazzle the judges with her singing and dancing. despite her frame, she does posses a HUGE voice that was demonstrated in the weeks of videos as well as her final performance!

And then you have the rockin' Megat Zahrin who was the eventual winner for the competition! I know that in previous times that rockers cant seem to catch a break in reality singing competitions but I believe that this man managed to prove that theory wrong.

My forgiveness to the other contestant, Soong MeiLin for not having a picture with you! I really did try to catch you for a pic but you were surrounded by your fans! :D 

We even have superstar bloggers BeautifulNara and HanisZalikha gracing the rest of the contestants! Both of them were guest judges throughout the week so there was no surprise to see them here!

As the night progresses, the time for us to get on stage looms near and believe you me, butterflies were the least of our concerns that was bouncing around our stomach! I had Ash complaining that he wants to go home, I can't seem to stop sweating cold sweat and Shazz Rin was having the biggest panic attack that you can ever imagine. Despite all that, we went in for the kill...

[TeamTehTarik with Adflin Shauki!]

[Judges all set for the show!]

[Shazz Rin and TeamTehTarik Band Live!]

If you guys wanna check out the performance, watch the video below!

In the end, Shazz Rin only managed to crack into 4th place in the competition, which is an achievement nevertheless.... And so on behalf of Shazz Rin and the rest of TeamTehTarik we would like to say thank you for all the support coming in from the voters, viewers, fans and haters for this competition. It is true what they say, without you people we would have nothing to share...

And yes, there are more to come from TeamTehTarik.... :D

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  1. Congrats Shazz Rin! :D I wonder how many songs are combined in his last performance? Awesomeeee piece! 

  2. i think shaz did a brilliant performance with the medley of songs..awesome!

  3. haha he made 16 songs altogether in 1 songs believe it or not! see if you can identify all!

  4. thanks! will relay the message!